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Oakley Rare Display Case


Oakley Beginner
Hello Oakley Fans,

I have a rare Oakley display case for sale. I would like to sell it to one who appreciates the brand. this display case can only be purchased through Oakley and you must be a distributor to do that. I live in Dallas, Texas and this would require pick up only or we can discuss meeting somewhere close. The display measures 23-1/2"W x 19"D x 72"H. All 4 sides are clear with 4 glass shelves. The 4 recessed lights on the inside and a light on the top for the OAKLEY sigh to light up on the front and back. The bottom also has a 2 lights for the inside. At night this looks pretty cool. The bottom has a locking storage space with a shelf inside and the front opening door has 2 locks all with keys. pretty cool at night with the lights on. I can send pics to email upon request most likey tomorrow after I fix my camera. If you are serious, call me and we can work on the price.

Have an Happy Oakley Day!!!!! (214) 281-8895