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  1. canoeman

    canoeman Guest

    Hi All, I love love my Oakley sunglasses, I have 5 pairs even my kids have them. Imagine how excited I was to find I could have regular Oakley glasses when I needed some new ones. All downhill from here, the retailer was happy to relive me of £500 the frames are great but the service and fit are not what I expected of Oakley. The glasses Servo XL model look like they have a boomerang down each side that's how bent the arms are. The retailer tells me this is the correct way to fit them so they just touch the top of your nose and just touch the ears. I have spoken to Oakley but they paid lip service to me and that was all. So now I have a great looking pair of glasses but I can't use them. My wife has also had a pair and they have done such a bad job she can't even wear them. Don't buy Oakley glasses in Worcester:mad:
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  2. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    Well, the three point oakley fit is a trademark. So he is right there.
  3. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Did you get authentic Oakley prescription lenses? Look for an icon etching on one of the lenses. If you don't have that you got some house made lenses and that could be your problem. Personally I've never heard of anyone having problems with Oakley's prescription service.

    BTW did you try the fit of the Servo before you ordered your glasses?