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Oakley X Revert


Oakley Collector
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North Carolina
I haven't heard anything about it but I would assume they wouldn't be to happy about a new release after that charity auction pair they had a few months back that went for next to nothing.


Staff member
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Georgetown, ON.
I read an article regarding the same thing. I can't remember what website it was. I will dig into this a bit and see what's happening. It'd be nice to have a new limited release. I didn't know of the charity piece. It's too bad it didn't go higher. I guess it's bad timing for frogs.


Frog Fanatic
Montreal - South Shore
Any update on the Reverts by chance? I have been waiting for a collab, it has been pretty quiet in the Frogskins world lately. Just ordered the Lin Dan pair, but nothing else has come out that has been too special or exciting. I'm getting bored!
i liked those Lin Dan's ... sad to say a matte acid pink tortoise is the 'best' thing I've seen in a while ...

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