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  1. pc9460

    pc9460 Oakley Beginner

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    I want to buy a pair of Oakleys but I am asian and have a smaller bridge. I also have a 'bigger' head. I bought the Radar Pitch Asian Fit ones but it didn't look big enough on me so I returned it. Maybe try the radar's with the biggest lens? Anyone have any good recommendations? I would just use them for driving and fishing mostly. Would prefer a sporty looking pair.
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  2. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    Radar XL with an Asian fit nose bombs can't work? If that doesn't work and you're really desperate to have the Radar in particular, there is a pricey measure of finding a straight stem frame and then swapping the XL nose piece.

    Otherwise, the M-Frame has pretty big lens options.
  3. OdiHanin

    OdiHanin Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'm also an asian and i used oakley pitbull as my daily use. I think they have quite a big lenses and also they have an asian fit version.
  4. Ryan Balmes

    Ryan Balmes Oakley Enthusiast

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    How about a monster dog?