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  1. lawman0210

    lawman0210 Oakley Collector

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    I have to return to right eyed lenses to Oakley vault next week. Last I went they had a fair amount of replacement lenses and such for the Juliet's Non Pol. But they did have Vr28 Pol. I am a new member but am an established ebay member.

    if anyone needs anything and you need me to pick it up let me know. Obviously I would need a Pay Pal payment first. and figure 8 buck shipping on a small item for priority.

    You can pretty much know what the price will be by Oakley prices. the store is in Arundel Mills so you can call and see about the item and let me know.

    Not asking for any profit. Just doing it as a member.

    retail prices apply as I do not get a reseller discount

    I might be sticking my neck out so if there are any members thinking its a bad idea please PM me.
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