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I’m trying to decide on new normal everyday sunglasses and having whittled down my frame choices down to one, I have come unstuck on trying to decide on lenses. As they will be prescription, it’s not a small investment
I think the crux of it is that I can’t decide on whether to get Polarised or non-polarised lenses.
My current everyday Oakleys (Monsterdogs) have normal grey lenses which have been good for the vast majority of time I have had them. They are maybe a bit light for foreign holidays (e.g. Mexico and Florida) but for the UK they are pretty damn good.
I’m tempted to get the same again or Prizm Grey but do I get the “normal” or the polarised? I have heard that polarised lenses whilst are good cutting down glare they can mess with your depth perception a little and also don’t necessarily play well with things like Sat Navs and smartphones.
Any experience with Polar – positive or negative?

Regular Grey or Prizm Grey?

These glasses will be used for normal daily use, including driving and hiking. They probably won’t be used for sport as I have a specific pair for mountain biking (Racing Jacket with Prizm Trail, which as it happens, are not polarised.

Thanks in advance!

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Prizm Gray of those options.

I’ve found polarized helps during for “city/urban usage” during the rain, or shortly after the rain.
The reflection of the water on the concrete does significantly get reduced with Polarized.

That said, if your not doing heavy “water stuff” non Polarized are great.


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To be honest I don’t have a dog in this fight, never owned a pair with grey lenses of any archetype, let alone replacement lenses of the same ilk.


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Any polarized or prizm lens always gave me a headache. Safe bet to stick with normal

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