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Replacement 2012 XX Twenty lenses


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Hi my name is Nick and I got water or something on the inside of my black iridium lenses that won’t come off. My view is blotchy now? Does anyone know where I can buy authentic new or slightly used 2012 twenty lenses other than eBay? I would prefer black iridium or comparable iridium color because I like the mirror effect. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried Revant and the black mirrored lenses had such a bad glare I couldn’t see. I am open to other companies that have lenses that are as good as the black iridium lenses. If anyone can recommend and advanced cleaning tips that won’t damage the lenses any further I’m open to that as well. I would like to try to salvage the reflective coating as much possible though. All that being said I have had Oakley sunglasses since 2005. I am glad to be part of a community that shares my love for this brand.

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Lopaka KaMars

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Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :welcome:

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