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  1. Hando

    Hando Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hey guys, I know this topic has probably been addressed, but my search skills suck.

    Basically.. I got a pair of 24k XX's, and the lenses that are in them fit fine. Unfortunately they are scratched and in need of replacement. So, I ordered some 24k XX lenses from Oakley. I got them, super excited cause this is my new favorite pair... and one of the lenses is entirely too big to fit in the frame. Stupid X-Metal frame differences... The lenses luckily fit another pair of XX's I own that needed lenses, but I'm still in need of a good pair of lenses that can fit the 24k XX's.

    My question is... is it difficult to shave down lenses to match other lenses that do fit? I've never done it before, and it took me about three months to get the 24k Lenses, so don't wanna risk it if it's a super difficult problem.

    Or, is there someone I can send the two sets to, that can match the good pair to the bad pair? I'd rather not send my frames as I'm still in Europe and the mail system scares
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