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Oakley Beginner
is it possible the sizing on the oakley website is incorrect?

im looking to purchase new sunnies and i'm trying to compare sizing with glasses i currently own, i have batwolfs & oil rigs & they fit pretty well, i also purchased a pair of racing jackets a while ago & they sit too high & tight around the bridge but looking at the sizing the bridge on the racing jacket is 18mm & they are an XXl frame, oil rigs say they're a S frame with a 15mm bridge & batwolfs are M frame & i can't find anywhere the bridge size, if i put them next to each other the racing jackets look smaller, from what i can see the top of the jackets might be smaller & are sitting too high on my nose but i guess they take the sizing of the bridge from the bottom. im looking to get some turbine rotors but the sizing is throwing me off