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Small Haul

the piper

I should Work at Oakley
Got new Black/Black HJ XLJ's for 66 from CC co and went to Vault yesterday got3 Great Button downs, 2 t shirts, a Brown Square O and a Science Square O Hardcase. Noticed they had Kozik's with the d/e -not my thing but for those in CT/MA /RI... Wrentham Vault is looking GREAT compared to couple years ago and if any 1 is looking for Matte White Tiger Stripe 5's they had abt 15 and more Sideways than I could count..i Tan long sleeve, 1 blue button down and 1 black button down w/ round O for me...why neither site sells this stuff is beyond me...also got Ruby lenses last week for HJ XLJ in CT...I have thinned glasses down to abt 100 and am in holding patttern as bigger styles dont suit me ..also for those east coasters they had entire Infinite Hero line...not a purple/violet fan but nicely done and in actual stock... The only tempting larger style is that Clear/Chrome Fuel Cell saw at SGH...very cool..that and the Ducati are nice but I look like Bono wanna be in them-just me, though...
do they have anymore science hard cases? i was able to get one from a friend. those are my favorite :D i just hated the glasses lol.
all that purple was for the Purple Heart military decoration. i just think they over did it with the purple on the infinite hero line. but it's ok im not a military person anyway so ill prob never buy that collection.
Yes they had a few more but its 90 min away so i wont be going back..Maine vacation in 2 weeks!...Thank u for explaining the purple...I can respect that for sure....I can't fit into the FC's-too big but would get the Clear chrome ones for sure if I could

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