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Some incomings after cooling off for a month


Oakley Expert
Wow what amazing pieces ... that MM color reminds me of the car in the Wraith .. the turbo interceptor


I should work....
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Nice haul there !!!

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Steven Goldberg

“were talking about practice”
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Received some packages yesterday, mostly from @zwc0442 , awesome work from him as always. It took about 7 months to get all these done but it's worth it!

Here's a group shot of items received, except for the black chrome M Frame Pro which I received earlier.
View attachment 557865
View attachment 557860
Top-Bottom: @SpliceD FMJ+ G30 Scar, Prizm Sapphire Polar cut by @zwc0442 for crystal black MD, stock rootbeer Monster Pup

View attachment 557871
Top-Bottom: Zach's Audi green + gold pearl + jade Gascan, Zach's burnt bronze cerakote MD, @SoulFulFrog's red+yellow fade VR46 fire Sliver

View attachment 557861
Top-Bottom: Zach's invictus pearl + 24k (@Chris A Hardaway) Pup, Zach's wildfire pearl + Prizm Sapphire Polar MD, Zach's invictus pearl + 24k MD

View attachment 557875
Top-Bottom: Audi RS5 homage metallic green + prizm jade polar (@Chris A Hardaway) PB1, Zach's tungsten cerakote + ruby Mag Switch.

View attachment 557864
Zach's wildfire + gloss coat MM.

It's time to take a break from buying Oakleys for now. I have 5-6 items with Zach though, but I'm not expecting them soon.

That MM is dope. Choo!

Gotta fight the urges. Signing off now LOL

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