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SpecialAdvisor’s Mad Labs - Mars Leather Mods Plus

Two coats of Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron paint in place…let it dry then add the rusting reagent ⚗️👨‍🔬

…and now we wait again 😏⏳


This was as of last night…I helped the process along with a heat gun.

I’m going back and forth on a matte finish. Leaving it with no finish just lets it keep rusting. Good thing about this kinda finish is nicks just make it look better.

So whatcha think @Bonz-1? You are the rust expert!

I have a pair of Ikon Emerald Green Mirrors en route for it 👽🤙



While the frame gets yet another soaking in rusting reagent (need more RUST!) I’ll turn to the saga of the Valve 1.0 Lugs. Lots going on here. I’ll focus on the ones for the Rust Decay and Bronze Verdigris for the moment.

Started out black. After lacquer thinner they were still black. Sand blasted em. Now gray.

So…the goal was traditional Mad Scientist Green and Blue Uranium. Green for the Rust Decay and Blue for the Bronze with Blue Verdigris. I bought this crazy expensive, supposedly most powerful, glow in the dark paint with a special primer. Stuff is pretty powerful truth be told. Was supposed to look light green or aqua in daylight but just looked white to me so I used Krylon sea glass paint for a bit of transparent color. Still glows like crazy thru it as you can see.

Yeah…Mad Science in (hopefully) old school Oakley fashion!








These clearable lugs are for the 3rd and 4th Valve 1.0 projects. These lugs came from the Black-Silver and Silver-Gold Valve 1.0s.

I much prefer the clear lugs with the darn Testors Enamel Stains! Wish I knew that before I sank the money in to the Krylon Sea Glass. All good as I have myriad projects to use it on.

Bottom line the Krylon Amber rattle can came out looking nice but more like a Caramel Candy. I stripped it again and it had the slightest bit of light brown-amber staining which was fine. I then “very lightly” dry brushed the Rust Enamel Stain on. Then sprayed a layer of matte finish over it. Looks good to me. Good for a Coyote or Desert Sand frame. The Olive Drab attempt was a similar thing starting out like Green Candy Apple…much better for my taste in a muted OD.






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