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  1. Baseball Radars 10

    Baseball Radars 10 Oakley Beginner

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    Hey guys,
    I'm looking to sell my Oakley Gearbox. I have the black and red Stealth Gearbox. It's only about 6 month old. I've only worn it like 10 times but it still looks brand new. I love the watch but I'm not a watch guy. Love to keep it in the Oakley family. Looking for $500. My profile picture is the watch. If you like what you see or have any more questions, feel free to message

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    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Below are some guidelines and rules which govern our exchange areas
    In order to access our Exchange Areas you must meet the following requirements
    • Be a member for a minimum of 14 days
    • Have at least 15 useful posts
    • For the Misc./Everything Else area, you must be a member for 30 Days!
    We do understand some members would like to bypass these requirements and jump right into the exchange areas. At the request of members, our Premium Membership now gives you instant access to all Oakley exchange areas.
    In the Oakley Exchange areas, you can sell any authentic Oakley item that you own. This includes any of your own ebay auctions which can be posted in the appropriate section to promote it to members.
    If you do not have access to the exchange areas, you will still be able to view posts, but will not be able to view user information such as usernames. In order to gain full access to the exchange areas, you must meet the minimum criteria outlined above.
    You CANNOT Message members asking for them to give you user information from the exchange area, if you do not have full access to said areas. Any members found to do this will be warned and possibly banned
    It is against forum rules to attempt to buy/sell/trade outside of the exchange areas.
    In order to create an efficient marketplace the following guidelines should be observed:
    • Authentic Oakley's only - This website is dedicated to authentic Oakley's. Any discussion of counterfeit Oakley's or any other counterfeit products will be closed immediately and users involved will be warned.
    • Need a Price - You must specify a price when selling a good in the Exchange Areas, if you do not specify a price, your thread will be locked.
    • Pictures Recommended - It is strongly recommended that you post a picture with your username written on a piece of paper in the picture to confirm your identity, especially if you are new to the exchange areas. This will prove to members that you are real and make the exchange much easier.
    • Do not post default Oakley picture - if you are selling an item, you must post your own pictures of the goods you are selling. The stock Oakley pictures are not a fair representation of what you are selling.
    • Do Not Scam - Any user who attempts to sell counterfeit products or scam other users will be immediately banned.
    • Stay on topic - Please try to stay on topic in the exchange area, people post here to buy/sell/trade items. Discussion about the product in hand pertaining to buying/selling or trading it is great, but try to keep it on topic.
    • No Scalping - If you are buying the new products coming out at this time, waiting until they are sold out, and simply attempting to SCALP other members on this forum, that behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED on the forum. If you are doing this, please STOP! It is wrong to simply buy limited edition items, to sell them for profit after they are sold out. If we see this behavior we will contact you and ask you to stop. If this behavior continues, you may be banned.
    • One Bump per 48 hours max.
    • Update Listings - There are many times members will post items for sale in this thread and on Ebay, in other words they are dual posting on separate sites. If you are going to do this and your item sells on another site, please update your listing in the Exchange thread so it can be closed. This makes it easier for members to follow threads and have updates. I will periodically PM sellers to find out if their item has sold, if I see the listing is not getting replies or the seller is not following up on it, by either posting the item is still available, it has been sold, price has been lowered, etc, then the thread will be closed. Thanks!
    Things to keep in mind
    The marketplace is a "use at your own risk" setup. We will not get involved in disputes between members.
    Any transactions discussed/performed in the Oakley Exchange are the responsibility of the buyers and sellers. Oakley Forums is not responsible for any purchases/transactions performed or discussed in this forum.
    Because we are not involved in any transactions performed on this site, we can only recommend, a safe way to perform transactions. Our recommendation, is once you have the transaction planned out, have the seller go to Ebay.com, and create a posting for the items for the agreed price. The buyer can than immediately go on and buy the item. This way the buyer and seller are both protected by Ebay. This is just a recommendation of a way to perform safe transaction. You may perform than in any way you see fit.

    Read more: Exchange Guidelines | Oakley Forum
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  3. bad fishy

    bad fishy Oakley Expert

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    Good work Frank! Never seen anyone actually paste the content over.
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