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The history of a haunted collection


Oakley Enthusiast
Miami, FL
Hello, I have been registered in the forum for some years but this is going to be my first post and here you will find a sad history on why I now am coming out of the shadows !

2003 - My first Oakleys - O Wire
I was still living with my parents and my father had some kind of eyesore insurance. I manage to save some money to pay the difference to get these OO Wire with RX lenses.
I can't remember the exact model I have search for pictures but can't manage to identify them. I just remember how beautiful they were with Saphire lenses and brown rubbers. When I got eyes lassik surgery I kept the frame hidden for years with its coin and box in pristine condition.:cool:

2006 - First paycheck First Juliets - Juliet Fire
Now I was working with a no so big disposable income. While attending my first sales meeting in vegas I got pushed to get them by some friends that knew I really wanted a Juliets. That was a big personal milestone.:cool:

2007 - 36 hour pleasure - Gascan Non Pol
I was so happy with my Juliets from previous year. My financial situation was a little more relaxed so I ran directly to the same Oakley Store while attending my second Sales Meeting, since I won an award for being a top performer I even purchased a ballistic case.:cool:

I just had those sunglasses for the event length. The day traveling back to home my then GF was so mad about me being in Vegas … instead of going straight to home I went from the airport to her house worried about the jellying waiting for me. Short history: I forgot the case and the lenses in the taxi :(

2008 - Still bad luck - Good bye Juliets
I planed the Gascan as daily beaters, after loosing them I got something else and keep the Juliets as the “trips” sunglasses.

I was attending a convention in Acapulco Mexico and one customer was very pushy on renting watercraft and doing some races. I should have kept the Juliets on my back pack, this guy was doing some donuts, at some point we are about to crash so I had to quickly steer to avoid collision. I got kicked out some yards and lost the Juliets in the middle of the sea :(

Early 2014 - the Come back - Gascan
After a lot of life changes, including getting married I completely forgot about Oakley. We were visiting some family in Austin, TX I was riding my motorcycle a lot those days so I got a Polarized Gascan that become my daily beaters, and trust being in the bike most of the time the lenses become really scratched.:cool:

2015 - Back to X Metals
Saw some teasers on the soon to be released Madman and Badman. I got interested with them, but they were not my precious Juliets. So I got obsessed with vintage X Metal and decided to bring back to life my small stash.

I recovered my Wires from my parents house and Juliet box and coin. Replaced the Wire RX with the stock lenses and started using them in special occasions. I hunted for some Juliets and found out how expensive they got since being retired by Oakley ! :cool:

Finally got some good Plasma frames with scratched emerald lenses.:cool: Since they have no serial I was using them frequently waiting to get them serviced, re lensed and refinished to match the box I had from the X Metal Fire lost in 2007. ( I almost got scammed by some fakes sold as authentic)

2016 - Rebuilding and more looses.
More personal changes, I got divorced and changed apartments two times in 1 month. But the time has come !

After wearing the Juliets for a year now they needed a nose bridge reconstruction and that was the opportunity to refinish them. I got replacement lenses for the Gascan and the Juliet, the Gascan went back to the bike and the Juliets kept in “their” box.

Then the worst happened While I was flying to San Francisco. The moment I land I got a call telling me that there was a robbery of 7 units in my building. Since I was recently divorced I had most the apartment empty, the loses where a 32” screen, a 5.1 HT … and a drawer full of Oakley sunglasses. Everything was gone, boxes, coins, replacement lenses ..... I was back to square one. :(:mad:

2020 - I am an adult now... time to start again
Again lot of changes I got in and out of alimony demands, many job changes, many apartment changes. I became a parent in 2018, and that was the biggest budget sucker event. There were some months where I had $15 on disposable income after paying all bills. Instead of spending “all” in one place I saved those and the spare from the grocery shopping for 18 months.

Being at home helped to reduce some food and commute expenses. One Month after leaving the credit cards in zero and paying the final month on wife’s car and since I still drive a 2010 Jeep I needed some personal achievement to avoid being emotionally burn out. The hunt started and reactivated my account here.

I was looking in the trade section, in other forums, in eBay, Craigslist and two good candidates emerged in local Facebook marketplace. In this search I was surprised there were less fakes than years before, and the ones I found were actually advertised as replicas.

The winner(s):
I am really fortunate on having a job and some savings, It is so sad that the global economy is so damaged that there are a lot of guys selling their collections.

I had a budged of $750 more willing to pay 550 to get a pair of Juliets back on my collection . I was driving to meet the first seller, when the second accepted my proposal and the stars lined to get 3 pairs for $650 usd. :cool::cool-20::cool-33:

Latter this week I will write individual post and pics for each

Carbon / Black Juliet CJ######
X-Metal / Ruby Juliet J######
04-117 Polished Blue JG######

Future Plans
I have acquired Oakley stuff, from watches, belts, luggage keychains, etc but really focused my history on the X Metal collection.

The guys that sold me those Juliet have other stuff on their collections that might will sell me the next months. With those good prices It might worth to get in new debt …. Actually to get these Juliets I sold a 1972 Carabela motorcycle, now am looking to sell a Kawasaki 1980 to get additional funds. My plan was to have those bikes rebuild to ride them with my son, but given the little time that looks unrealistic right now so I prefer to build a nice Oakley collection for him I just wish he will be more lucky and wise on taking care of my “haunted” collection.
Welcome, great backstory, hopefully its all upwards now👍🏼

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