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Hello from Spain


Oakley Enthusiast
Hi, my name is Andreas. I live here in Spain a little bit northeast to Barcelona.
I started my Oakley journey with some Monster Dog goggles about 20 years ago. Meanwhile i have a drawer with two handfull of different Oakley glasses with different lenses for every weather and duty. I am not a collector, they just fit perfectly to my head and last forever. And i really like them, so they got more while i am wearing them day by day. Most of them have already new lenses, some original ones, some not.
I looked already into the "Fakes" thread, i have the feeling, the used market here is flooded with fake Juliets and Holbrooks in all colors.
So far....saludos de Girona.
Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :cool-33:🤙