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Unobtainium For Lifestyle Frames


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Sydney, Australia
Can I use Unobtainium replacement ear socks from a flak jacket,radar,split jacket or jawbone to put on my batwolfs? Although the
batwolfs fit me , when I look down or when I sweat I can feel them sliding off my face. Is there a way I can manipulate the ear socks
to fit the batwolf?
I've been wondering the same thing. I actually use Juliet Nosebombs on the Fuel Cell's so they fit me properly (that way they don't sit on my cheeks). I know it's not the most conventional method, but it works really well for me and they sit on my nose and on top of my head 10x better. Plus, it's very comfortable. Some earsocks would be pretty sweet too though
I understand why you would want it, but do you realize how big the Batwolf stems are compared to the Flak and Radar?

And xInZax how are you even able to do that? I'm confused.
Yeah...I kind of destroy the frames doing that lol. I take a tiny dab of Gel Superglue and stick it right on. The Juliet nosebombs fit the curves perfectly, and yeah...I go frankenstein with my frames. I keep the original frame and have 2 that actually have the nosepieces on them, just so I can preserve the display pieces. I know it's like...unheard of...but hey! I love the Fuel Cell's and they don't fit me. I will make them haha
@ batwolf I realise the size difference but I've seen it done on an oil rig with flak jacket ear socks obviously they stretched a bit but just thought I'd ask
@xInzax I saw your YouTube video with the fuel cells, nice idea and if it fits you better, why not do it. The fuel cells don't fit me because they are a little too wide but it's a nice frame