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@Gunn why bother man?

The pair is sold to a great member here as of this morning. Why man. Why stir the pot? Because of your friends actions a couple years back? I'm not him. I know what it feels like to have someone try to burn me. This I'd never do.

I wouldn't ever sell anything non legit here. Thanks for posting something so ignorant in public. I can understand people complaining about pricing and whatnot but really it's interesting you'd decide to post your comments here. Do you honestly believe I'd ruin any of my reputation for a mater of some minor amount of money. I depend on the forum to help pay for bills, collection costs and my hobby. I wouldn't bother selling anything I didnt trust either. Or purchase for that matter. The buyer ended up getting a bunch of rare pairs in a bundle with this one. I actually took a loss from my original purchase price from almost 3 years back . Why does that matter? Because I felt he'd enjoy them more than I would. Maybe it's best to look away from something if your trust is skued? All that's left to say is... send me a PM next time and I can actually explain from whom I bought these from.

Oh and Vdays dont have a sku printed on them.

My guess is too that you looked at the date of the original post. I posted this then yes but deleted the tread within an hour or so because I had changed my mind. I undeleted the post on Saturday night so technically these sold in like 4 days.

Learn the facts then comment..

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