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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by darklide, 1/21/11.

  1. darklide


    What Do You Guys Think Of These? - screenshot20110118at114.png

    And judging by my pictures will I look horrible with these?

    EDIT: These are the Oakley Fuel Cell I was wondering do they have the hydrophobic coating on them?

    Also what is the story behind the name fuel cell?


    I would like to say I don't look too good in the Polarized X Ten's.

    What Do You Guys Think Of These? - dsc0036ajn.jpg
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  2. Mr. Bright5ide

    Mr. Bright5ide

    I'd say you could rock the Fuel Cells, only I would go w/ black instead of white frames.

    - Mr. Bright5ide

  3. dann


    Only certain sports frames have hydrophobic coatings. Fuel cell is more of a lifestyle frame. The name is just another in a long line of fuel related names (gascan, black gold, Texas tea, oil drum/rig, etc. )
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  4. Kory

    Kory Premium Member Lifetime Member

    No you will look great in these.

  5. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Is this a new release? :rofl:

  6. Jmgarcia


    Family of fuel containers?
    Fuel cell
    Oil rig
    There is one more I think but I'm drawing a blank. :rolleyes::crazy:o_O:confused:

  7. flyer



    You can always apply your own solution.
    What Do You Guys Think Of These? - 71E%2BiSJCZ5L._SY606_.jpg

  8. Oakley G

    Oakley G

    Oil Drum

  9. Dieseltech

    Dieseltech Premium Member

    I wonder if he bought those fuel cells 6 years ago. :)
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