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What is the most "Prizmest" Prizm lens? (recommendations please)


Oakley Beginner
I'm in the market for a 3rd pair of Oakley sunglasses and I'm wondering what the community considers to be the Prizm lens or lens base that offers the most contrast and color vibrancy without straying too far from neutral. I still want the greens to be green and the blues to be blue etc., but I don't want the lens to be so neutral that the colors don't pop very much. Usage will just be daily stuff like driving or chilling on my patio.

I have a Prizm Daily Polarized (no longer being produced) and I love the contrast it provides (is Road Black pretty much the new PDP?), and I have a Prizm Black which is great for bright days and is mostly neutral but not the best contrast and I'd like to get something new that I don't already have.

I read somewhere that the bronze base Prizms provide more contrast than the grey bases, but I'm not sure if that's actually true. I've also read that you get more of a "Prizm effect" in the non-polarized versions.

I really just want something that makes colors pop but doesn't feel like I'm underwater or strolling through an apocalyptic wasteland.

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