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What is your most used/favorite Oakley product?


I am Jim Jannard...
Northern California
Place to show off your favorite and most used Oakley Products.

For me it's this Icon 2.0 Backpack. I've been using this daily for the last 10 years to carry my laptop when I walk into work. Still in really good condition. Love this bag!


Also, loved the Falling Towers hoodie. Wish they still made something similar with the way it zipped up. Was one of their first water repellent hoodies if I'm not mistaken. Was my go to for cold nights camping, skiing on warm days or when i didn't want to use an umbrella on a rainy day. Alas, I lost it on a company offsite a couple years ago and the hotel swore they didn't have it. Liars!

My Second Gen RX Juliet Plasma as my everyday pair to work!! Sticks to my head like glue!!


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I'd like to say my Tortoise Shell Backpack.....but I broke the zip so doubt it can be fixed. But I did transport my Dell XPS 1710M for three years whilst studying for my degree.

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