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WTB The Rarest Of Rare I Believe Lol

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I do believe I'm looking for the rarest oakleys lol not sure tho Im
Looking to get some medusa's, mars, or ott's. Let me know what you got!
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There are some more rare, but those are all pretty hard to come by. Medusas pop up on ebay occasionally, but they usually fetch around $1500.00. Good luck in your search.
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Oakley Xx 24K with 24K iridium lenses
First gen with Serial number under 2200
Oakley Mars Crater
Brand new never worn, X metal with black iridium leneses
I also have New never worn XX 24K with 24k iridium lenses
Post 2004 so no serial, But brand new in the BOX
Oakley Juliet TiO2 (Serial Number under 5700)
I have the Stock VR28 leneses with a few small nicks
Glasses have brand new polarized black Iridium in them now.

All glasses are in Great Shape Flex couplers are tight
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