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X-Metal Noise Bridge


Oakley Beginner
I bought a pair of X-Metal glasses from Oakley.com 3 months ago. I just noticed today that the noise bridge is separating on the right side. You can even see the rubber spacer. I was wondering if this is something I could tighten up with the correct screw driver? Or would I need to call Oakley? It kind of looks like a screw but its not the same type used on the shoulder joints. (Image Below)
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I wouldn't even send it in. If you have an O-store near you, just take it in there and see if they'll do an even exchange for you.
I was at the mall and asked the people at sunglasses hut and they said that the reason oakley is now using those screws is so that people can tighten them themselves. Just take a screwdriver and tighten that thing up!