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Yep, I got a problem. Too many plaintiffs!


hard to kidnap
Well I’d still wanna grab those too haha
image (2).jpg

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Expert
757 VA
Pretty much. I got the squared one I like but now I want more. I mean I have two gold pair and I don’t even like gold haha I wish the squareds had cooler frames like the regular plaintiffs haha

Chris A Hardaway

The Man Loves to Chop 'Em.
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San Luis Obispo, CA
Sooo I bought a pair of the Brown Chrome Plaintiff Squared and immediately fell in love with the frame. Great coverage, lightweight, and honestly it fit and felt great.

So then I started looking and well, as sinister strange says, “things just got out of hand.”

Thanks to @zwc0442 and @Steven Goldberg for helping make this possible as well.

I definitely love the Infinite Hero, Moto GP and Ducati Plaintiffs but man do I love those plaintiff squared with the positive reds! Sadly, the lenses on the positive reds need to be replaced :( if anyone has a set I’d totally appreciate it ;) (not pictured) Eric Kosten Brown Camo Plaintiffs

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Time to chop!