3d printed

  1. Dibstar

    New display stand and a small haul

    A while back I posted on here asking for suggestions for displaying my growing watch collection - there were many very helpful answers and this is how I connected with @zcrxsi who then went above and beyond 3D printing my dream display for my hauls. The pictures really don’t do it justice - it...
  2. 3D model

    3D model

    Modeled part on AutoCAD, with the exact dimensions of the original part.
  3. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed X-Metal Coin Stands

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed X-Metal coin stands (printed to order). I have 40+ colors available to choose from: Double Large (for first gen coins) stand - $12 Single Large (for first gen coins) stand - $8 Double Small (for second gen coins) stand- $10 Shipping is a minimum $5...
  4. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed OEM Style X-Metal Stands

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed OEM style X-Metal stands (printed to order). Unlike others I have seen, I have designed these to use a 3D printed threaded bolt to connect the parts together. They are very sturdy and have no problem holding X Metals. Single - $8 Double - $12 Triple - $16...
  5. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed OEM Style Watch Stands

    Up for sale are some OEM style 3D printed watch stands (printed to order). Each stand comes with two loops (original large/thin and a small/thick). The large/thin loop is the same dimensions and will fit the same watches as the OEM loops. I have over 40 colors to choose from $12 each...
  6. SiRacer420

    One more thing.

    Disclaimer. This is a VERY rough first attempt. 1:6 scale 3.0 Counter Top Case I needed a nice way to display this coin. The “lights” as well as the floor are glow in the dark. I didn’t charge up the floor though.
  7. U

    For Sale  3D printed microfiber bag display stands

    I’ve settled on a final design for these bag stands. I have two sizes, one for regular bags and one for Frog size bags. There are also two orientations for each, horizontal and vertical. The frame is sturdy enough to hold the bags tight and the base keeps them from tipping over. No need to prop...
  8. B

    Thank you SiRacer420 :D

    So, I finally got around to adjusting the links on the 12 Gauge I bought from @Titan X. Well, I received the 3D printed stands from @SiRacer420 about a month ago or so, and finally got around to cleaning up my display to take some appropriate photos of the stands. The 2 tier I bought for Both of...
  9. SiRacer420

    My custom stuff (lens etching, 3d printing and vinyl)

    I may as well have one place for all my custom stuff. At the moment I have 2 3d printers, a vinyl cutter, and a laser running. My wife has a small shop selling 3d printed stuff like keychains, necklaces, and pens, all personalized. She does vinyl decals and shirts other things like that. I get...
  10. Dylanismyname

    3D Printed Stuff

    Hey guys Ive been into CAD Modelling for several years now and have been using a 3D printer for a couple of years also. Recently ive been doing some work on some Oakley themed stuff and thought this might be a nice place to share some of stuff ive been working on. Ill slowly add more photos of...