1. karimo

    What Model Oakley Backpack/Luggage/Shoes/Other Are These/Help Identifying? [Consolidated Thread]

    Hi O bros. Can anyone please tell me something about this patches? Did they come in a pack? Are they part of something? Are they hard to find?
  2. U

    For Sale  2005 Oakley Tactical Field Gear Casing Mid Insulated Waterproof Boots

    Location: UK Price: £245 Condition: Excellent Shipping: UK Preferred Classic Oakley tactical Field Gear Casing boot, Thinsulate insulated with waterproof and breathable membrane. Heavy duty nubuck and Cordura finished with vulcanised rubber outsole and tons of metal hardware. Size UK9 / US10...
  3. hellboy95

    Young Oakley Fan

    Hi, I'm a huge fan of the Oakley designs from the early 2000s and late 90s. I started following the brand and looking into its history a few months ago and have fallen in love ever since. Definitely into the more outlandish designs, Oakley has done over the years, whether it be sunglasses or...
  4. U

    Sold  *Price Drop* New Oakley SI-8 US 9.5 boots

    Also have a pair of Oakley SI-8 Black US 9.5 boots. Brand new in box, never worn, still has tags for $100 $80 shipped CONUS.
  5. U

    Buying  Any motorsport/racing gear

    Mostly looking for shoes, I wear size 11.5-12 normally but I dont know how the race shoes fit. Also curious about any gloves, fire suits, helmets that. Most likely looking for size L. Thank you
  6. ForYSC

    Assault collection

    This beauty has already passed through my collection! Assault tall ❤
  7. U


    Hey guys, I'm looking for Assault SI Boots, all colors and sizes. Thank you
  8. U

    Found  Flak jacket boots

    Boots are unused but have some damage from storage. Inside glue stain and one rub mark on outside ( neither of them noticeable ) . Price is 225$ ->200$ plus shipping. These are rare and vintage. Pm with any questions. Thanks for checking! Size 9.5 US
  9. U

    For Sale  Oakley LSA Boot Terrain

    Selling a new in the box pair of Oakley LSA Terrain boots, black, height 6", size 12.5 Asking $80 USD includes PayPal G&S, CONUS shipping, and shipping insurance. No trades or international shipping.
  10. U

    For Sale  new oakley ENGINE 12, FLAK 1.2 AND BUNKER MID SHOES

    New with box Flak 1.2 size 10 I have 3 unit size 12 I have 1 only $220.00 plus shipping --------- Engine size 12 only $210.00 plus shipping --------- Bunker mid I have 1 in 9.5 and 1 size 10 Price $250.00 plus shipping
  11. Lupetto

    Gatling six Elite boots ( artist series )

    looking for information about these boots, thanks! What makes these elite? So far I got info they were an event item: Naomi South eternal.
  12. Sir Rossi

    Oakley as a military boot?

    Hey all! Just got my acceptance to the Air Force Academy this morning, and I'll be having to buy some boots for basic training this June. Any of you in the military deal with Oakley boots before? Or should I stick with the more traditional brands? Thanks in advance!
  13. old_for_new_for_me

    Light Assault Lace Locks

    I recently got some new boots for work: the Light Assault Boot 2. First, I'll say I wear boots a lot. I'll give a little review before my questions below. These are shaping up to be the best boots I've ever had (for a specific use). They are light and well ventilated, the foot bed is...
  14. rml0015

    MX Helmet and Boot Recommendations.

    Hey Guys and Gals, I've recently aquire a new (to me) KTM. It's my third off road bike among other atv's and such. Anyhow, I've never before worn gear when I ride and mostly escaped injury. I would like to think of myself as a tad wiser now and want to know from you some good or bad experiences...
  15. Crazy Alien

    My SI camo collection

    My SI Camo collection Assault Boot SI Night Camo T shirt SI Camo Very rare pieces in Brazil
  16. Crazy Alien

    Oakley Brazil - Camo Shoes

    Look my friends Oakley Camo Shoes Made in Brazil Flak Low - Olive Camo Flack Low - Desert Camo Flack Low - Desert Camo + Bônus t shirt Medusa Brazil YOU LIKE ?
  17. U

    For Sale  Collector frogskins, garage rock, Juliet lenses, juliet gaskets/screws, A frame lens snow goggle

    Need to sell! SHIP WITHIN USA only!! Paypal F&F prices listed, thanks! Oakley A frame snow goggle replacement lens, black iridium, condition solid 8/10 (few minor small scratches on front, minor scuff on one side on the back) $38