1. U

    Sold  2 Juliets (Polished), 1 Penny (Titanium), 1 Romeo (Cerakote)

    Hey y’all! Times are tough so I’m looking to pass along some pieces to be enjoyed during spring (all purchased from other forum heads as well). Take a look and feel free to DM with any questions and for additional pictures. Prices below ↓↓↓ Shipping CONUS only. Add 12.5% for G&S. Looking to...
  2. Slim

    Closest Cerakote to match TiO2

    Hi guys, I got my hand on x-metal xx tio2 but the color is already pretty beaten up. I found a certified cerakote applier close to where I live so Im going to ask them to respray them. Question is which H series cerakote colors are closest to the two colors TiO2 combo uses?
  3. U

    Sold  Price drop !!! Frankenstein XX

    Hey everyone on the sale block today is a freshly tuned and cerakote black framed Frankenstein XX ! This is a XX that has straight stems installed !! So if you like the straight stems but want the bigger coverage this is the one for you!! The lenses and rubber are aftermarket but not in bad...
  4. U

    Sold  Custom Splice w/ OO BIP

    This one hurts my feelings a bit. I love these frames, but just can't get these beauties to fit my face just right. I had pieced this project together after buying a peeling Black Chrome frame. The oem rubber is in incredible shape and has no signs of tearing, tackiness, or peeling. Once I...
  5. U

    Sold  Cobalt Gascan w/BIP - bnib

    For Sale is a BNIB pair of beautiful Cobalt colored Cerakote which feels like a satin-like, durable coating. Price is $sold delivered to US. Frame: Cobalt with Cerakote Coating Lens: Black Iridium Polarized Icons: Cal. 5.56MM Metallic Includes original box and MF Bag Thanks for looking !
  6. U

    Sold  Black R1 - X-man Work w/xtras - Conus Only 700.00

    Up to move out of small case. very well taken care of and comes with all the lenses as seen in pictures. All lens at 9./10 at least.. no visible marks. All polarized lenses. Think i have some extra rubber parts but unsure. Any questions, ask. Conus only, shipped Insured and priority...
  7. U

    Sold  Fuel Cells - MPH BIP & ACU Green

    Selling two pairs of Fuel Cells MPH Camo BIP. Basically brand new. Only worn two times since purchasing last month. Comes with bag, box, and frames. SOLD ACU Green with gray lenses. Comes with bag and a Fuel Cell box (from another pair). The frames are an 8.5-9/10 and lenses are...
  8. U

    Sold  Cerakoted Minute Machine

    Hi everyone! I'm selling this Cerakoted Minute Machine. The watch is three years old and paint was done on June 14th 2016, so it looks brand new! Not even one scratch or dent. The color is Graphite black, which is flat black, with silver dial and silver crown / push buttons / allen screws. I...
  9. Karl Tellier

    Custom Minute Machines

    Hi guys! Just want to share some nice watches I've cerakoted! Comments are welcome......or any ideas for the next one?!?
  10. kronin323

    Refinishing cerakote

    Has anyone tried cerakoting a pair that had already been cerakoted another color? Did you have to strip the original cerakote first? How? Or did you just cerakote on top of the other color? Did it cause any buildup/fitting issues, or bonding issues, or color bleed issues?
  11. Chris A Hardaway

    CUSTOM Racing Jacket / Jawbone Cerakoted Icons / Bolts / Jaws

    Has anyone purchased a pair of Cerakoted Oakley's here? I know you have and I'm wondering what you think about them. Doing this to a frame you can get a ton of cool colors, and the durability is supposed to be excellent to boot! Anyway, I'm wondering because if there is enough interest I'd like...
  12. chrissabatasse

    Cerakote Finish Watch?

    Awhile back I saw a minute machine with a cerakote black finish. I was seeing if anyone can guide me in the right direction to have one of my watches done. Thanks yall. Any info will be helpful
  13. D

    SI Black Cerakote Ultrablend Fuel Cell

    Just got these Standard Issue Black Cerakote Ultrablend Fuel Cells! Liking them so far, anyone else have these? Pictures below: