1. V1P3R_Z029

    How to fix: STICKY NOSE RUBBERS? | Oakley Straight Jacket

    Hi all, I've got these pair of Oakleys purchased from 2011. I believe they are Oakley Straight Jacket (correct me if I'm wrong). >Only worn less than half-dozen times.>Last wore them the same year it was purchased. Only kept in storage every since. >After opening them once again in a long...
  2. AbraxasFire

    Here kitty kitty (cat lounge)

    I can't be the only cat person here, right? 😅 Giving the XS a bit of cleaning and maintenance, Fiona had to come over.
  3. iamericfletcher

    Best cleaning method for new Flak 2.0 XL?

    Howdy, everyone. The other day, I got my new Flak 2.0 XL prescription glasses with the Prizm Ruby lenses. So far, they have proven to be excellent! My question is: What is your preferred method for cleaning the lenses? For example, do you use just water or water with soap? Perhaps Windex...
  4. RomeoNo.1

    Refurbished/Refreshen the Romeo 1.0 Gold Iridium frame

    Here you can see my Romeo 1.0 Gold Iridium frame and also that the frame has darken over the years. I bought it second hand, IIRC about 2007, when the frames are about to be discontinued. Then when I got them were a bit stained, the guy didn't took that much care. So I wanted to know from those...
  5. T

    Cleaning a Plasma Juliet

    good afternoon, posting another job today, cleaning in a 1g plasma juliet, follow the results
  6. U

    Sold  Oakley SI Patch Bundle

    Up for sale is a bundle that includes 13 SI patches and two SI cleaning cloth's. Everything is new and unopened. The entire bundle is $80 USD includes PayPal G&S and priority USPS shipping. Please no trades or international shipping.
  7. BHarry

    Cleaning discolored/oxidized plasma

    I have a pair of R2 plasma that had that distinctive gold hue to them. I was interested in removing the color if possible, but did not want to damage the finish underneath. I decided to give it a shot after cleaning up another frame with Meguiars rubbing compound. I just used a rag and some...
  8. M


    Good evening OF! This is one of my first posts and I am looking forward to the discussions! I just got a pair of Oakley Caveat's in Fire Iridium. I got the lens cleaner, but I was wondering if it is worth the money to get the hydrophobic cleaner for these lenses. Thank you and have a great...
  9. D

    deep cleaning hard yellow residue on neglected x-metals

    I have two pairs of X-metal XX Ti02. And when I wore them in the early 2000's I didn't clean the rubber or frames. Now I have the very sticky residue on the rubbers which I will try the wash and boil method. But my question is the frame. All that oil and sunscreen under the rubbers leaked...
  10. XMetalAddict

    Cleaning X Metals Using Ultrasonic Bath

    Has anyone ever used an ultrasonic bath (as used for jewelry) to clean X Metals? I have used this on standard Rx glasses before and it is really good for getting embedded grime out of the nooks and crannies. I am not sure if the coatings on the lenses would be affected, the frames would...
  11. B

    Does the matte black Crosslink get dirty easily?

    The matte black Crosslink looks good & is a great fit, but that frame feels kinda less smooth, almost rubbery on quick inspection, do they get dirty and show the dirt faster than if they were polished ones and if so are they harder to keep clean?
  12. ProjectCM3

    Cleaning/Maintaining X-Metals

    Hi everyone! As I'm looking at expanding my Oakley collection (fan since forever, but only now able to actually afford what I want) I'm wondering how do you all clean/maintain your X-Metals? And not just the lenses, but the frame and rubbers as well :) Warm water, cold water, any soap? Also...
  13. erap

    How to Clean an Oakley Mag Switch?

    Since it is prone to fading/flaking of frame, cleaning with warm water and soap will not hurt? Mag switch owners pls chime in!