deep water prizm

  1. C

    Prizm Deep Water Polarized or Prizm Black Polarized?

    Looking at a new polarized lens for my Radar EV. White frame. Uses for me: —driving —running errands —light hiking (I live in the Midwest) —laying by the pool —walking, running (for fitness, not looking at running 5ks or anything) I don’t fish but if I did it wouldn’t be anything too crazy...
  2. U

    Sold  BNIB Wire Tap 2.0, Sayin Lead Frame / Prizm Deep Water Polarized 004145-06

    BNIB WIRE TAP 2.0, SATIN LEAD FRAME / PRIZM DEEP WATER POLARIZED 004145-06 Brand new, never worn, never displayed, Authentic Oakley Wire Tap 2.0, Satin Lead frame / Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses, sku 004145-06 Included: Oakley Wire Tap 2.0, Satin Lead frame / Prizm Deep Water Polarized...
  3. Electronaut

    "Window" In Multi-Tinted Lenses (Like Prizm Deep Water Polarized)

    I've noticed some lenses are multi colored when looking through them such as Prizm Deep Water Polarized. When my (DWP) Flak 2.0 XL's got fogged with condensation, I noticed a perfect square "window" used to achieve a second lens color. The box separates the two lens colors: one tint in your...
  4. U

    Sold  Triggerman Prizm Deep Water Polarized

    Picked this Triggerman up to try to give the frame a shot for a few days, but are just not for me. To clarify, the stock Sapphire lenses were removed in favor of Prizm Deep Water Polarized. Polished Black Frames are 9/10, no signs of wear. DWP Lenses are 7/10. There are several minor scratches...
  5. M

    New Oakley Deep Water Prizm Polarized

    Hi, I'm new to Oakley, and have just bought a pair of Deep Water Prizm Polarised. My main intention is to use them for driving, however I appreciate that this is not their intended use. Using them now in medium light conditions, car lights are creating a "ghosting", for want of a better word...
  6. U

    Sold  XS Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses

    Cut by our very own OC, Chris A Hardaway, I'm selling these X-Metal X-Squared DWP cuts from Straightlink donors (8.75 curve). Excellent condition, with no scratches or signs of wear within view, but have been mounted. Once I removed these lenses from their frames, I did find some mounting marks...
  7. U

    Buying  Triggerman OO9266-11

    Hi all. I'm looking for a pair of Polished Black / Prizm Deep Water Polarized Triggerman (sku OO9266-11) at a reasonable price. Must be pristine but I don't need the box (unless you've got it of course). Don't want to resort to Ebay unless I have to :( Thanks!
  8. U

    Sold  like new/ Radar Deep Water Prizm Lens

    For Sale is a Deep Water Prizm Lens/Shield for Radar. I wore the lens a few times and although they are not new, they are like new. There are two tiny marks you can see in the second picture around the nose mounting, and is not visible when mounted. A couple short hairline scratches on bottom...
  9. U

    Traded  Traded

    Hey all, selling the last bit of the pairs I'll never wear. All are new without box unless stated. +$10 for shipping and all prices are OBO. I have a few random boxes and will ship them with whichever pairs don't have a box, first come. PM me for more pictures if needed. 1) Tincan Gold/Warm...
  10. Electronaut

    Prizm Deep Water VS Costa 580G Blue

    Obviously Glass vs Poly... 12% LT (Deep Water Prizm) vs 10% LT (Costa 580G). Thoughts?
  11. U

    Traded  XX w/Deep water prizm.

    For sale XX XM finish with best combo dwp lenses. non serialized with box. All is 9/10. No scratches or wear on lenses. 600$>575$! Plus shipping firm. Thanks for checking!
  12. U

    Sold  X-Squared, Carbon / deep water blue prizm/all new

    His cut was in such a way as to keep the integrity of the "PRIZM" etching as you can see in the pictures. Well done Chris! I am selling because the XS is not for me at this time. The frame is mint and so are the lens. Includes a microfiber bag. Price is $sold delivered in the US. Please pm...
  13. U


    All of the below lenses are Brand New in Box, with original pouches, and oakley pamphlets. These are all guaranteed to fit 8.75 base curve. Optics and lenses are perfect in every way! These are also listed on ebay under seller chrisahardaway as well. Buy here at a discount, and PM me questions...