1. SolarOracle

    Sold X-Squared 24K Elite w/ 24k Titanium Polarized (OO6011-10)

    Offering my brand new Oakley X-Squared 24k. These were purchased new in California on 2/27/12 . They have never been worn and removed only once to take photos. These are #715 of 750 made Worldwide. All original box items are included; original box, collector's coin, X-Metal Vault, microfiber...
  2. hockeyguy

    For Sale PINS

    As the title says. $20 plus shipping for each pin, excluding Expert and Jupiter Camo pin, asking $30 a piece.
  3. elsouler

    Sold PIT BOSS (1) matte black

    PIT BOSS matte black for sale, Glasses, elite micro bag, wooden box and cardboard box only the frame looks like new, it was only displayed, they show like some scuffs on the bottom of one titanium plate close to the screw that hold it to the frame please check the picture provided, I don't know...
  4. X-Metal Beast

    Sold New OEM Pit Boss 1 Ducati icons

    New OEM PB1 Ducati icons. 1 set available. Price is $75 firm shipped USA
  5. TexxxZ

    Sparta vrs Persia , Biggie vrs Tupac and now

    Now it’s @SoulFulFrog VRS @zwc0442 , So drama we just don’t have enough of it so i’ve decided to stir some sh!t up let’s see who’s got the big dangly balls swagger . Two PB1’s to two different artists each to be completed in a style unbeknownst to me . I’ll throw out some ideas others are...
  6. Crazy Alien


    Hey guys, I'm looking for Assault SI Boots, all colors and sizes. Thank you
  7. X-Metal Beast

    Sold PB1 Rootbeer

    Up for sale is a PB1 Rootbeer. The frame is tight and in great shape. Only issue that I can notice would be a small scuff on the outside of the left stem (see last pic). Lenses are OEM original, and although both have minor scratches, they are far from needing to be changed, still very wearable...
  8. Eduardo Castillo

    Trading SF16-C FOR DIAMOND DIAL mm OR TB2

    Wanting to trade an SF16-C for a diamond dial black minute machine or timebomb 2 plus some Cash on my part
  9. Millertime2598

    For Sale FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Watch 4X6 Pop Card Display

    Got 2 sets of these I'm looking to sell. You'll get both cards shown below. Please let me know if you have any questions. $23 shipped.
  10. TravisCook

    Pit Boss(es)

    Finally after so long, I got a pair of the Pit Boss 1's and Pit Boss 2's. Both in the Polished Black w/VR28BIP. Got the PB1 from @Jeff Council and the PB2 from @Linegear Japan I am so happy to finally have these two in my collection! Not very good pictures but will be two pairs I'm going to wear.
  11. xmetal40

    Sold C6 Box

    CONUS only please. $125 Any questions, please ask.
  12. Gunn

    For Sale Oakley SF16-C, Ferrari Carbon Prototype from Foothill Ranch

    I decided to sell one of my collection grails to finance some other projects... Here we have 1 of 11 known in existance Ferrari SF16-C Carbon Fiber w/ Prizm Daily Polarized! You have the EXTREMELY RARE OPPORTUNITY to own one of the rarest, unreleased Oakley pairs ever. SF16-C stands for...
  13. Lupetto

    Gatling six Elite boots ( artist series )

    looking for information about these boots, thanks! What makes these elite? So far I got info they were an event item: Naomi South eternal.
  14. Foldupcup

    Sold LNIB Pit Boss 2 Polished black w/ VR28 Iridium Polarized

    Hey everyone! Have a pit boss 2 like new in box. Been worn a couple times and has a small blemish on one of the arms. But lenses are 10/10. Photos of everything is included. Have all the paperwork and box also that are included. Asking 350 OBO PayPal shipped Please let me know if you have any...
  15. toosteeley

    Found PB1 for Minute Machine

    Hi all. I've caught the watch bug and am looking for a Minute Machine preferably with copper or red face but really, any color will do. Not picky about titanium or leather band. LNIB or slightly used, only stipulation is it must come with the wooden box. I've got a LNIB rootbeer PB1 as a...
  16. toosteeley

    Sold Ducati Pit Boss

    SOLD! I recently acquired a mint condition Ducati Pit Boss that I'm looking to trade for something more my style. They're in overall great condition. I gave them a thorough inspection and noticed a tiny nic on each lens only noticeable under harsh light and a small scuff on the nose bridge...
  17. Gunn

    For Sale Rare Oakley Camo Umbrella for 250$

    I decided to sell my Oakley umbrella. Please see the the Pictures below. It was never used. Complete with cover. Shipping worldwide possible. Asking 250 USD or your best offer. I accept PayPal (G&S). Shipping charges add on top, depending on where I need to ship to. Any questions please ask.
  18. Gunn

    Sold Oakley Time Bomb 2 II 10th Anniversary Edition

    Hello Oakleyforum, I'm not so active here but I'm a well known collector. So don't be scared about my zero sales / feedback here. I just thought I give it a try to sell this gem here. Okay, here we have a barely used Time Bomb 2. It is a very clean watch. Only small signs of wear on the...
  19. Jacob Carstens

    Sold PB2 Polished Black / VR28 pol..

    Hi guys, For sale is my PB2 - polished black frame with VR28 polarized lenses. Frame is spotless - can't find any issues.. A scratch on the left lens - doesn't appear to interfere with vision. Asking 260 $ - PayPal G&S - shipped Will take partial trade-in for Electric Blue, FMJ Red or Gunmetal XX.
  20. toosteeley

    Sold LNIB Rootbeer PB1 - CLOSED

    Up for sale is my LNIB rootbeer PB1. I'm not listing it as BNIB simply due to taking it out of the box to display ;) Only displayed, never worn. Comes with everything (3 boxes, paperwork, Elite bag, plastic arm sleeves etc). Absolutely pristine! I can no longer bear to let these go. Staying...
  21. M

    Sold Half X Coin

    Only the coin
  22. X-Metal Beast

    Sold BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer - SKU 03-305

    Hello O-Bros, here I have my last BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer (I have one more but it's used). Lenses 10/10, Frame 10/10. All boxes and documentation included. Outer Sleeve with storage wear, but in "ok" condition. Of course it includes Elite MF bag. Price is $550 includes shopping ConUS. PP G&S...
  23. magswitch7

    For Sale Pit Boss 1 Polished w/ VR28 Black Polarized BNIB

  24. GoldenGatePeepers

    Sold PB1 Pit Boss 1 -

    Up for sale is a PB1 in New condition, Frame and Lenses rated high 9/10. Includes PB1, Micro, inner box, Wooden Case/box. PB1 Pol. Blk w/ VR28 (03-304) Priced firm at $425.00 Shipped CONUS Will go international for extra$$ Thanks for looking! I'll toss in the stand if this goes before the...
  25. 702baby

    For Sale Tron Pit Boss

    Selling my Tron Pit Boss. Glasses have been worn a couple of times and are well taken care of. Comes complete with all three boxes and matching microfiber bag. Asking $775 shipped to CONUS. International shipping is $35 extra. Paypal fees are included in price. NO TRADES. Will post pics when I...
  26. 702baby

    Sold Pit Boss 1 Matte Black / Black Iridium Polarized

    Selling my matte black pit boss 1. Worn a few times. No visible scratches or marks on the frame and lenses upon inspection. Outer box is a little beat up. Comes complete with all 3 boxes, warranty booklet, and elite microfiber bag. $500 shipped to CONUS. International will be an extra $35. Item...
  27. thisguy


    For my 3000 post I will show my cabinet with my display. I have a single metal tower and a metal cube. Top shelf is the elite Pit Boss 1 collection: Matte black/black iridium polarized, Polished black/black iridium polarized, Matte rootbeer/tungsten iridium polarized, Tron/ice iridium...
  28. dr.chop

    For Sale SI Elite Metal Plaque Icon Stick-On

    I am helping out a friend and have 2 of these left he wanted to sell. They are from the Tombstone release party from what he has told me, and they are cool as hell. No plastic, not a resin molded clone, but the real deal all metal and measure approx 5" and weigh about 5oz. Originally he asked...
  29. magswitch7

    Buying Oakley FULL METAL JACKET - FMJ

    Looking for 1 of the 100 of these O-mazing watches that was made wayyyy back in 2011. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me. I am definitely interested if its in like new condition and comes complete with all original tags, packaging, etc.
  30. bean323

    Buying Elite O bag

    Looking for a Elite O bag for a pit boss 1. Dont think the 2 has it. (or it is round). thanks.