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For Sale Oakley SF16-C, Ferrari Carbon Prototype from Foothill Ranch


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I decided to sell one of my collection grails to finance some other projects...

Here we have 1 of 11 known in existance Ferrari SF16-C Carbon Fiber w/ Prizm Daily Polarized!

You have the EXTREMELY RARE OPPORTUNITY to own one of the rarest, unreleased Oakley pairs ever.

SF16-C stands for "Scuderia Ferrari 16 Carbon" and was going to be the next Oakley Elite pair of sunglasses. But after some arguing with Ferrari Oakley never released that pair with the Ferrari logo and color scheme.

You will probably NEVER see these for sale again. This is a prototype, straight from the tables of the R&D department in Foothill Ranch.

What do you get with the purchase? The pair itself, a 60 years of Ferrari in the USA microbag and a C-Six jewel case for display presentation.

How much is it? I ask 6000 USD including shipment, PayPal payment G&S
No trades this time. Thanks for attention.

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Username Hidden said:
I know. I thought he'd want to see these.
Yeah we all need a good joke
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Second in line
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I'd be interested also
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