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šŸ¦˜The Definitive Oakley Owner's List Page

Last updated 27th January, 2022 by @cacatman

Stop Press

If you haven't registered your numbered Juliets or X-metals with the relevant threads as mentioned below, make sure you do that, because there's a company printing fake numbers on X-metal ear stems. See @wwhcxmetal's thread about it here....Scary X Metal Frame Service: Engrave Serial Number

If you know of a LIST of serialised Oakley sunglasses (or any other helpful list) that isn't here, please let me know and I'll update the thread.

Just bought something that's had a limited run, is serialled and want to "register" it here at O.F. just in case it gets stolen or to prove you've actually got the item, but don't know where to look?

Want to find a limited edition item to own, have a spare $27 k, but don't know who owns rare stuff to buy?

Look no further!

Where the exact number is known, I've written how many pieces were made available to the public.

P.S. I've also included some other extra "Lists" for your perusal!

Useful Pages
Identify My Oakleys! (@Herbsley)
Introduce Yourself (@OakleyBoss)
Linegear Japan - Premium Aftermarket Rubber Replacements (& Forum Sponsor) (@Linegear Japan)
Map of Where Oakley Forum Members Are From (@cacatman)
Official Fakes/Possible Fakes Inquiry Thread (ARE THESE FAKE? POST FAKES HERE) (@Batwolf)
What Did You Buy Today (for The Smaller Stuff) (@Rustpot)
What Does it Look Like Right Now (Where You Are)? (@cacatman)
What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today?? (@crunchrule1)
What's On Your Plate? (@xmetalmaniac)

Owner's Lists
Juliet Limited Edition Owner's Lists
24k Owner's List (xxx/750) (@del518)
Corvette Owner's List (@SiRacer420)
Finito Owner's List (@stevepc74)
Ichiro Carbon/Blue Owner's List (@selannefan1)
JBR (Brown) Owner's List (@Dbninc)

Other Sunglasses Owner's Lists
C-Six Aluminium Owner's List (xxxx/1,500) (@Batwolf)
C-Six Carbon Owner's List (xxx/250) (@Batwolf)
Carbon Prime SF16-C (unreleased Ferrari) List (@Jmgarcia)
Carbon Prime MotoGP Owner's List (xxx/100) (@Oakleynerd)
Cleared Fat Cat Owner's List (@cacatman)
Cleared Monster Dog Owner's List (@cacatman)
Eye Jacket Redux (Chemical Vision) (@SiRacer420)
Gary Scelzi Romeo 2 Owner's List (@GRFMotorsports)
Jawbones/New Racing Jackets List of Collectors (Cacatman)
London Police Pack Owner's List (xxx/500) (@cacatman)
Madman Raw (2015) Owner's List (xxx/150) (@nlgrav182)
Mars Jordans Owner's List (@cacatman)
Over the Top Ownerā€™s List (@Jimbabwe)
Polished Penny with Custom Cut DWP List (@cacatman)
Romeo Jordan Owner's List (@mjt42)
TP12 Singha Frogskin (Thailand Only Release) Owner's List (xxx/100) (@YakuzaFloralGangsta aka the "Reluctant" lister!!!!;););))
TP12 Singha Holbrook (Thailand Only Release) Owner's List (xxx/100) (@YakuzaFloralGangsta)
X-Squared 24k Owner's List (xxx/750) (@del518)
Xeus Owner's List - (@reggavegga)

Carabiner Owner's Lists
2014 Carbon Carabiner Owner's List (xxx/500) (@Uluahunter)
2015 Blackline Carabiner Owner's List (xxx/500) (@reggavegga)
2016 Gold Carabiner Owner's List (xxxx/1,000) (@reggavegga)

Money Clip Owner's Lists
2015 Carbon Fibre Money Clip Owner's List (xxx/500) (@mercbezerk)
2016 Gold Carbon Fibre Money Clip Owner's List (xxxx/1,000) (@MatSteelersFan)

Lens Owner's Lists
Dillon Lens Info/Owners Page (cacatman) (@cacatman)
Mariener Lens Info/Owners Page (@cacatman)

Watch Owner's Lists
Automatic Gearbox Owner's List (@cacatman)
FMJ Owner's List (@cacatman)
Red Diamond Minute Machine Owner's List (@cacatman)
Time Bomb 1 Owner's List (@Amak.2DK)
Time Bomb II Owner's List (@thisguy)
Time Bomb II Livestrong Owner's List (@Amak.2DK)

Miscellaneous Owner's Lists
2004 HQ Bunker Owner's List (xxx/500) (@i am rich)
2015 Robotic Storefront Owner's List (xxx/500) (@rex360hype)
Christmas Ornaments Owner's List (@cacatman)

Other "Lists"
Oakley Sunglasses/SKU Lists

O-Review Definitive List of All Sunglasses Ever Released (@dann Thombs)

List of Oakleys with SKUs/Price (@illumination)
List of Serialised Oakley Boxes (@IAMOBS)

Orbital Differences Between 1st and 5th Gen (@THE X-MAN)
List of 1st Generation Eye Jackets (@Funky-Trixtar)
List of All Artist Series (@MeanBoss) and list with pictures here (O-Review)
List of Differences Between Jawbone/New Racing Jacket/Split/Wind Jacket (@cacatman)
List of Display Case Dimensions (@cacatman)
List of EVZero Path with SKUs (@MicahS)
List of Ducati Editions (@cacatman)
List of Ferrari Editions (@cacatman)
List of 009013 Frogskins with SKUs (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
List of (Third Generation) Frogskins with SKUs (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
List of Holbrooks with SKUs & Pictures and here (@mercbezerk)
List of Jordan vs Romeo 1 Differences (@cacatman)
List of Livestrong Editions (@cacatman)
List of Oakleys that have Green Boxes (@cacatman)
List of Pitboss Editions (@PitBoss)
List of Reviews of Sunglasses etc (@cacatman)
List of SI models (@MicahS)
List of X-metal Serials (@sharjt)
List of Tincan/Tinfoil SKUs (@XMetalAddict)
List of Twoface SKUs (@MicahS)
List of All X-metal Models (@SiRacer420)
Rarest Oakley Frogskins (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Rarest non-Frogskin Oakleys List (@cacatman)
List of ALL Holiday Items (@jlv632)

Country Exclusive Lists
Part 1. Country Exclusives. Japan. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 2. Country Exclusives. Korea. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 3. Country Exclusives. Africa. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 4. Country Exclusives. Australia. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 5. Country Exclusives. Mexico. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 6. Country Exclusives. Brazil. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 7. Country Exclusives. Europe. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Part 8. Country Exclusives. UK. (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)

Lens Information
What Lenses are These? Identification of Lenses - @diezal11
Base Curve - What is it, and why it is important? (@andr3)
Custom Page for Lens Cutting (@cacatman)
Donor Lens Guide (2019) (@cacatman)
Dillon Lens Information (@cacatman)
Dillon Lens Review (@htrap2294)
Emerald Lenses (the late @RoTors)
Garnet Lenses (@stevan5150)
How Iridium Coating Affects Base Tint (@kronin323)
Ice Iridium Differences (@DylFin)
Ikon Lenses (@nicosauve1)
Ikon +ive Red (@Onza)
Linegear Black NXT Lenses (@OakleyBoss)
Linegear NXT Varia Photochromic Pinky/Gold Lenses (@cacatman)
Lens Dimensions (2019) (@cacatman)
Lens List of All Oakley Lenses (@illumination)
Lens/Lens Transmission List (2019) (@cacatman)
Mariener Lens Information (@cacatman)
O.E.M. Lens Etches (@Hed568)
Persimmon Lenses (@Orion)
Positive Red Vs Ruby Iridium (@Metalman)
Ruby Lenses 101 (@Funky-Trixtar, @cacatman)
Ruby Vs Torch Vs LG Red Mirror Lenses (@Fresh)
RX Information (@Chris A Hardaway)
Scratch Resistance? (@htrap2294)
Storing Lenses - How To? (@erap)
Titanium & Clear Lens Differences (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Torch vs +Red (@Sushobhon Samuel Morrison)
Uninstalling/Installing Lenses in a Tight Frame Solutions (@ducatiti)
Unreleased Oakley Lenses (@Romeo Van Frogskinstein)
Volt Lens Review (@ProfessorOz)
VR50 Light Transmission (@saulsaul)

Oakley Clubs
The "Black OTT" Owner's Club (@Jimbabwe)
The "Bling Whores" Owner's Club* (@ucdavis4PT0gpa)
The "Lifetime Member's Club" (@cacatman)
The "No Shelf Whores" Owner's Club* (@Batwolf)
The "Current Shelf Whores" Owners Club* (@SpliceD) (Original Post Here -> The "Shelf Whores" Owner's Club* (@BAPD77))
The "Too Many NOT TO Shelf Whores" Owner's Club* (@BAPD77)

Regional/Country/Other Lists
Map of Where Oakley Forum Members Are From (@cacatman)
Australian/New Zealand Members List (@cacatman)
DC/Maryland/Virginia List (13 members) (@Amak.2DK)
Jordan Members List (1 member) (@cacatman)
Malaysian Members List (29 members) (@cacatman)
"O" Collectors Expo List (43 members) (@xmetalmaniac) and here

Oahu, Hawaii Meet and the latest one here (@Brettc10)
Pacific Northwest List (@oly396)
Philippines Network (@washi me sensie)
Texas List (@crazywayne311)

Watch Information
Is this Oakley Watch Fake? (@Spc369)
Timebomb 1 Watch Capacitor Replacement (@kronin323)
Value Thread, Ask about Prices here (watches) @TheWannaBe
Watches - How Many Links? (@mustangjt/@cacatman)
Watch Weights (@Oakley for life)

Gone. But NOT Forgotten - Remembering Those Who Have Passed (@cacatman)
Got a Question? Call an Expert! (@cacatman)
Recommended Sellers on O.F. List (@cacatman)
Things I Wish I Knew When I First Joined Oakley Forum (@cacatman)

Abbreviations (@mercbezerk)
How Many Pairs in Your Collection (@BADNESS)
How Not To Get Ripped Off (@cacatman)
How to Make Your Own Oakley Cabinet! (@zax)
All Oakley Coins Ever Released (@cacatman)
Asia Fit - All You Ever Wanted to Know (@cacatman)
Cases/Towers for sale in the USA (@zcrxsi)
How to Disassemble Link Page (@cacatman)
List of cases that fit X-metals (@Jmgarcia)
Fakes vs Real - What are the Differences? (@cacatman)
How Long Have You Waited to Buy Your Grail? (@cacatman)

Custom Frame Page (@cacatman)
Jordan OO Wire Thread (@Dantes)
Microfibre Bag List (@pricedollaz)
Nomenclature (@cacatman)
List of Websites to Crosscheck Scam Oakley Sale Websites (@cacatman)
Oakleys for Big Heads (@Dakota) & here (@kpjames98)
Oakleys That Have NO Rubber Parts (2019) (@mich)
Oakley Weights (@Rustpot)
Pricing Thoughts (@cacatman)
Rubber Nosebomb, Earsock, Lens and Icon Compatibility (@cacatman)
Stolen Oakley List (@cacatman)
Supreme Frogskin Collection (@Steven Goldberg)
Top 5 O Matter Sunglasses As Rated By You (@cacatman)
Top Tips to Grow Your Oakley Collection (@cacatman)
V2oak's Customs all in one place (@V2oak)
Weights of Oakley Sunglasses (@cacatman)
What Are My Oakleys Page (@Herbsley)
What Got You Collecting Oakleys? (@Ninebreaker)
What Sunglasses Are These? (@stuartjross)
Why it's Better to Trust a Buyer/Seller Than Just Rely on PayPal to Protect You (@cacatman)
X-Metal Authenticity Checklist (@Coth)
X-Metal Color Label SKU List (@Mike.vanderkoon) - One of the finest posts I've seen on X-metals
X-Metal Frame Colours (@TheDukeOfIce)
X-metal Lowest Serials (@qtrain23)
X-Metal Quicklinks List (@cacatman)
X-Metal Rubber Compatibility (@xmetalmaniac)
X-Metal Visual Size Comparison (@cacatman)
X-Metals Fit in Which Vaults? (@Jmgarcia, @cacatman) and Best Pelican Cases for X-Metals (@gpstar)

"Bad Boys" of Oakley Forum (@cacatman)
Baldies (@cacatman)
Biggest "Honest" Members (Weights Only) (@cacatman)
Craziest Ways People Have Lost Oakleys (@cacatman)
DoppelgƤngers/Lookalikes on O.F. (@cacatman)
Favourite Oakley FB Sites (@cacatman)
Favourite Quotes from O.F. Members (@cacatman)
The Happy Birthday Thread (@Mrs H)
Hardcore Collector? How you know you may be one! (@cacatman)

Interesting Facts About Oakley (@cacatman)
Lifers - List of Lifetime Members (@cacatman)
Longest Threads on O.F. (@cacatman)
Mood Chart for Newbies (@cacatman)

Oakleys Spotted in Movies (@BADNESS)
O.F. Members Previously Known As... (@cacatman)
Official Dead Horse Thread (@kronin323)

Oldest Picture of You Wearing Oakleys (@Spc369)
Parenting Tips (@cacatman)
Q & A with ex-Oakley Employee @El Chupa Cabra (@cacatman)
Show Us Your... (@cacatman)

"SiRacer420's Custom of the Month" Wall of Fame (@cacatman)
Suspects in OakleyFrankFMJ's Kidnapping (@xmetal40)
Things Oakley Should Have Made (@Rivermetal)
Top Tips on How to Stay Married While Collecting Oakleys (@cacatman)

Weirdest Things Oakley Has Made (@ChinoTJ)
What Dogs Do You Own Today (WDDYOT)? (@cacatman)
What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today?? (@crunchrule1)

What X-Metals Are You Wearing Today? (@Herbsley)
Who's Who 2018 (@cacatman)

List of Cacatman's Lists (No Owner Serials here!!) (@SiRacer420)

* Disclaimer - I do not endorse the use of the derogatory term, "whore". This thread was prepared and accomplished by cacatman in his personal capacity. The linked threads in this thread are the original poster's own view and do not reflect the view of cacatman (aka "Listmeister" otherwise known as "the ancient man....whose eyes have never seen the light of day...waiting for his powers to be unleashed upon the world"

This is a "List" of other people's Lists. There's only one other guy here, that does that sort of thing (that I know of). He was the one who first coined the term "Listmeister" (which is my nickname for my nickname, "cacatman"). That's why I've dedicated this thread to fellow lover of Oakleys and friend, 3D printer extraordinaire, the sticker printer king, the one, the only....I bring you.....

What else can be said? U DA MAN! Thank you!!! U RULE!!