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Welcome to the Oakley Forum, A Community for Oakley Sunglasses Lovers. We love all thing Oakley's and would love to here about your love of Oakley.

Start in this area of the forum to say Hi, and introduce yourself to the forum.

Make sure you read the forum rules: http://www.oakleyforum.com/help/forum-rules

Then jump into some Oakley conversations!

Welcome to the Oakley Forum!
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Been collecting for about 17 years, but have been a fan for over 20...

My personal favorites are X-Metals, Gascans and Over The Tops (OTT). I tend to collect X Metals, Artist Series and Frogskins, though I have yet to turn down a random pair of anything if I like the way it looks.

I also collect display items, if its rare I want it! When I first started collecting like many of us I didn't know I was collecting, I was just buying what I liked and I didn't think to keep packaging and this kills me now as my collection has reached the point were room must be made at times for new pieces and I don't have the box to properly store the ones going into the drawers.

I love this hobby and hope that my wife will continue to look the other way when I head up to the counter, hey she has her shoes that I try not to talk about...lol
I have been an Oakley owner/wearer for over 10 years now, but in the last year I have really ramped up my collection. I went from 1 daily wear pair, to about 10 that get used based on light conditions and mood.

I am a fan of mixing and matching frames and lens to get custom combinations. The new custom section of the Oakley.com website is right up my alley, but still doesn't allow the total creativity of things that I would like.

This is a cool forum that hopefully will grow into a one-stop shop for all questions Oakley.
Have been collecting for many years and have finally reached a point of "leveling off". Of course, there will probably be the occasional pair to add to the collection, though. X-Metals, M Frames, and other sport-specific models are my favorites.

It's nice to see another Oakley collecting website out here. Thank you to the staff for creating this site.
I've been a fan of Oakley since I was in the fourth or fifth grade...which was in the mid-90s. I'm a huge fan of those styles (the eye jackets in particular). I currently use Oakley products in and out of the workplace (firefighter). I've heard terrible reviews on the boots however, I have an older model and they are fantastic. I don't expect to get into buying huge vault display cases or even into the new modern styles. I'm not a huge fan of the gascan or square O styles. I miss the crazy military styling that Oakley used to have. Up until the beginning of this year, I have been VERY pleased with Oakley's products. However, I've recently been letdown by some of their non-eyewear products. None the less, I will continue to stay on the Oakley bandwagon, for now. I hope to share my knowledge and love for Oakley with everyone and learn a lot too.
hai guys....
my name is Hazree. i'm from Malaysia.... lucky me to find this forum... i'm new about oakley even i had heard about oakley for a long time. so, here i am now. as for now i'm trying to start a collection of Oakley Frogskin. if anyone have information on where to buy and what new model coming up please send me that info to my e-mail : hazree_gb@yahoo.com

thanx ya...
Hello My name is Dave an im from Canfield OHIO... been a Oakley Nut for 20 years now .. Has always been a passion of mine .. I have Forty One Pairs Including 3 Pair of Juliet's A pair of PIT BOSS ( which are my favorite ) and just recently purchased #1286 out of 1500 C-six's ... Kinda crazy about the company have been to the headquarters twice ...second time i had the opportunity to Meet one of the designers of the PIT BOSS ....Great guy had a great Time and he recently sent me a cabinet... and took time out of his busy day to show me the operation and detail it takes to make one pair of sunglasses ... i really have a strong passion have a dog named oakley and a tattoo on my arm ....just a nut for Oakley ...Deff will get some pic posted ...thanks Dave

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