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Good Evening From Eugene, Oregon


Oakley Beginner
Hello everyone. I am 26, soon to be 27, and I have been lurking on this forum for several years. I never put the initiative into signing up though. Until now at least.

My love for Oakley began when I was very young. I have a distinct memory of looking at a pair of Moons in a display case while the store played POD's "Alive", and not really understanding what I thought was so cool about what I was seeing, but knowing it was expensive and unobtainable for me at the time. Another distinct memory was falling in love with a pair of OTT's while I was with my grandmother at Fashion Island. Again, I had no idea why they were cool but I couldn't stop thinking about them.

My first Oakley glasses were a pair of Sheckler Sideways that my sister gave me around 2010. She was a manager at a sunglass hut at that time. I didn't wear them much until half a decade later when I started running and hiking all the time. They also served me well as a Valet for several years. A friend of mine left a pair in my car before he shipped off for the navy, and that was how I acquired my second pair. I slowly fell in love with my Sideways and started getting more heavily into the brand when I learned about their battle with Luxotica. For several years now, I have been an elitist who doesn't respect anything manufactured by those Italian bastards.

My Sideways eventually broke, and I needed a replacement. I dug deep into my core memories and realized that somewhere in my development I had also been enamored with the Splice. So I found a pair on ebay after months of looking for a good price at BNIP condition. That's the pair I am on now. However, I check up on ebay pretty consistently and found a pair of MadMan's for a good price that I bought shortly after the Splice. I know those are a product of Luxotica, and aren't a "real" X metal, but the price was good.

I don't make enough money right now to be careless with buying, but I eventually aspire to have a badass collection (of mostly pre 2007 models of course) like many of the members on this forum. However, I wear my glasses, so I probably won't ever have anything as pristine as some of you. I'm still constantly watchlisting things on Ebay and checking Facebook Marketplace along with the exchange section of this forum, and have particularly been trying to find some good priced Juliets or Monster Dogs as of lately.

I feel way cooler than I should every time I put my Splices on. My job involves wearing a full suit and tie, so they definitely make for a crazy look.
Aloha and welcome to the Forum. :cool-33:🤙

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