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Time Bomb 1 and Icon Owner List


Double Down Kings
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Updated: April 23, 2021

Hey Everyone, creating this thread for the people who owns the TB1 (Time Bomb1) and the Icon.

I know there's variety of faces and finish would be Polished and TI. So please state what you have and I'll Organized according ti the serial number and included the details.

Example: Ti/Blue ######@name

CF = Carbon Fiber
MOPL = Mother of Pearl Lavender
Pol = Polished
Ti = Titanium
CY = Cannon Yellow
CR = Cannon Red

Time Bomb Owner List

Ti/CF 000025 @barretp
Pol/Green 000041 @TourDeOldham
Ti/Green 000043
Ti/CY 000042 @GRFMotorsports
Pol/CF 000072 @mjt42
Ti/CF 000100 @TourDeOldham
Ti/White 000103F @Barricade
Ion (Custom Red)/Cannon yellow 000106 @Pospaintballer
Ion/Black 000140 @Hux78
Pol/Blue 000304 @Shane Bonser
Ion/CY 000320 @Ian
Ti/white 000353f @Pospaintballer
Pol/CF 000361 @Amak.2DK
XM/CF 000366 @V2oak
Pol/Blue 000375 @kronin323
Ti/CY 000387 @Shane Bonser
Ti/MOPL 409 @YakuzaFloralGangsta
Ti/ Cannon Red 000465 @Funky-Trixtar
Ti/Ti 000658 @Dancad88
Pol/CF 000688 @barretp
Ti/CR 000810 @Shane Bonser
XM/TI 000851 @Magmaredhot
Ti/CR 000868 @Oakley1088126
Ti/CF 000921F @Nortika
Ion/black 001155 @Reese's Pieces
Ti/CF 001187 @Serhat
Ti/CF 001412F @mjt42
Ti/CF 001420F @BriP
Custom/Grey 001477F @zwc0442
XM/ Ti 001740F @V2oak
Ti/Ti 001746F @Brit@KSA
Ti/Ti 001769 @Shane Bonser
Ti/CF 001870F @Hed568
Ion/Blk 001884 @barretp
Pol/CF 002001F @mmessenger
Ti/CF 002139 @Pospaintballer
Ti/White 002277 @Esper
XM/CF 003270 @Amak.2DK
XM/White 003540 @Mits0108
Ti/White 003343 @BriP
Ti/CF 003485 -Serial Matched Box @SiRacer420
Ti/CF 003573F @SiRacer420
Ti/Ti 003935 @Pospaintballer
Ti/Ti 004008 @SiRacer420
XM/Ti 004993 @Hux78

Non-Serial Time Bomb Owner List

Ion/Black @Bruce82hki
Ion/Black @YakuzaFloralGangsta
Ion/Black @kronin323
Ion/Black @Esper
Ion/Black @Brit@KSA

Icon Owner List
Ti/Blue 000356 @wari210
Ti/Ti 000754 @Hed568
Ti/White 000880 @GamerGuySam
TI/Blue 001634 @zwc0442

Small Icon Owner List
Pol/MOPL 000309 @Esper
Pol/MOPL 000348 @zwc0442
Pol/Gold 000413 @zwc0442
Pol/Gold 000717 @SiRacer420
Pol/Gold 001781 @Esper

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TB1 Ti / CF 1870F
Icon Ti / Ti 754

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