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JC "Corvette" Juliet List


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Hi fellow collectors. I am carrying on a thread started by SiRacer420 in 2015, with the intention of keeping it updated. In the event that I can no longer maintain it, I will reach out to a volunteer.

Thanks to SiRacer420 and those who maintained it in the past.

To get on the list, post a picture of your glasses and serial plate.
Im in the UK so may take a day to catch up with any posts.


Please post a picture of your pair with serial number/box if you wish to be included.

Juliet Corvette Serial Number List

JC000185 - @cacatman - no box
JC000199 - @pagpalain - matching box
JC000210 - @Johnny059qn- no box
JC000321 - @discostu - matching box
JC000487 - @Spc369 - no box
JC000548 - @DLONRA - no box
JC000625 - @LinusOBerlin - matching box
JC000636 - Discostu (SOLD) - no box
JC000646 - @X-metaL_GhosT - matching box
JC000762 - @Leglessracing - matching box
JC000789 - @docrusty - matching box
JC000791 - @docrusty - matching box
JC000799 - @kt2tojas - without box
JC000812 - @Me - matching box
JC000832 - @Carrera1963 - matching box
JC000872 - @Leglessracing - matching box
JC000912 - @Wicked - matching box
JC001018 - @Oakaholic - matching box
JC001105 - @fireuno - no box
JC001117 - @MdVOakleyFreak - matching box
JC001332 - @Nucchem - matching box
JC001541 - @Rays - matching box
JC001750 - @Kory - matching box
JC001922 - @dragonvoi - matching box
JC001977 - @mega8zero - matching box
JC002139 - @Chet Manley - matching box
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