flak draft

  1. U

    Found  (Trading) Flak 1.0 Frame & Complete Flak Draft

    In the market for a Flak 1.0 Frame w/ rubbers, or a flak draft complete Have a few items I could offer in trade if need be Thanks
  2. P

    Prizm Daily Polarized vs Prizm Shallow Water Polarized for fly fishing

    I have Flak Draft Asia fit with Prizm Daily Polarized (non-prescription). I like to fly fish and am considering getting prescription Prizm Shallow Water Polarized. I've used the Prizm Daily while fly fishing, skiing and driving and they seem to work just fine but I'm wearing contacts and then...
  3. U

    Trading  FOR Flak Draft

    I can offer a pair of Polished Black M2 frames w/ Prizm Road XL lenses, fresh yellow socks kit. Lens is nearly flawless, with exception of one minor mark by the bottom corner etching. This pair I'd be up to trading for a pair of complete Flak Draft sunglasses. Flak 2.0 XL bronze...
  4. The_Darkone

    What Icon Fits Flak Draft

    Does anyone know what icon is used on the Flak Draft? I tried to swap in a Flak 2.0 icon and it doesn't fit. I know that the "Ratchet" icon is what fit the Flak 2.0 and several other models. I'm thinking the Flak Draft icon has to be shared with another model as well. Any help is appreciated!
  5. D

    Flak Draft Asia Fit replacement lenses?

    Does anyone know if Oakley sells Flak Draft Asia Fit lenses anywhere? I was at a Oakley Vault and they don't carry any. The website doesn't list any. Rarely a listing on Ebay, and I think they are salvaged from frame/lens combos. They have been out for about a year, and O.com still has...
  6. The_Darkone

    Flak Draft Replacement Parts

    I don't see them on the web yet but my Oakley store got some replacement lenses and earsocks in yesterday for the Flak Draft. I picked up the Prizm Road lenses and black earsocks. They had white, navy, grey, black, and i think one other color in earsocks.
  7. D

    Flak Draft Asia fit lenses NOT interchangeable with regular Flak Draft.

    Hi All, For my fellow Asia Fit wearers, I just bought a pair of Flak Draft Asia Fit from the Oakley Vault at Ontario Mills, CA. The staff was very cool and let me compare the Asia Fit and regular Flak Draft lenses, and they are NOT interchangeable. The Asia Fit lenses are longer where it fits...