1. hockeyguy

    For Sale 2 Frogskin Lites

    2 pairs, SnapBack and Splatter Frogskin Lites. Perfect condition, include box and microfiber. $90>$80 > $70>$65 for both plus shipping.
  2. TravisCook

    For Sale Eyejacket 1.0, Five 1.0,

    Multiple pairs for sale. I ended up purchasing a couple pairs online and just trying to recoup funds spent on the two. - I do have additional photos, just ask. 4.) Fives 1.0 - White Tiger w/Black Iridium - minor fading on the inside of the frame. $55 SHIPPED *****************PLEASE...
  3. hockeyguy

    For Sale SnapBack Frogskin lite

    SnapBack collection Frogskin Lite, NIB asking $60 plus shipping.
  4. kjcolumbo

    Buying Frogskin LX Polished Black/Titanium Clear

    If anyone has a pair of these they are looking to let go, let me know. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but looking to replace a pair in the collection so my wife can use them as prescription frames.
  5. TravisCook

    Sold BLACK RAIN Frogskin +box $220

    Selling my Black Rain Frogskin to buy something else. I love them but want someone else to enjoy them. They are used. I haven’t worn them very much. 6-10 times hour - two hours at a time. After each wear, I would clean off the lenses. So, they do have swirl marks from cleaning the lenses. Not...
  6. F

    Logo printed off center on new Frogskins

    I just purchased my first pair of Frogskins from the Oakley website. The glasses look awesome but the logo on the left arm is just a little off center, making them look a bit fake. Is this a common issue? I'm not sure whether I should try to return them or just go along with it.
  7. hockeyguy

    For Sale Latch and Frogskin Combo

    Latch Key and Frogskin both Matte Brown Tort. Both Prizm Tungstein. Latch Key-$50 Frogskin-$60 Together -$90 Both have very minor wear to lenses, latch has a scratch on the bottom of the left lense. I couldn’t get it in a picture.
  8. hockeyguy

    Sold Crystal Purple Frogskin

    Crystal Purple Frogskin with Violet Iridium Polarized. Asking $85>$60 plus shipping
  9. Oakster

    For Sale SPLATTER Series

    I'm going to fire LIMITED number of each of these up for OF members. I can't tell you if it's a great deal or not - if they end up being as scarce as they've been so far, then they're a steal. I'm not sure if I'm going to regret letting a few go at a great price!!! LIMIT 1 OF EACH STYLE PER...
  10. TravisCook

    Father’s Day gift from my brother and I

    So, first of all, I want to thank @crazywayne311 for allowing me to purchases these for my dad for Father’s Day. My dad’s favorite pair has always been the Frogskin. The Jupiter Camo has always been his favorite color-way, and we (my brother and I) wanted to surprise him with a pair. Per the...
  11. F

    Where to buy Oakley Frogskins Legs / Earstems?

    Can anyone recommend a good place to buy frames in acid blue or legs in acid pink? I had a pair go missing and I'm trying to put them back together?
  12. hockeyguy

    For Sale O-Matter

    Multiple O-Matter frames for sale, PM if you have questions or offers. Thanks! Used polished black garage rock-$30 Fathom Garage Rock never worn-$80 Used SI Fuel Cell-SOLD Pilgrim Frogskin NIB-$100 Zero used-SOLD NIB TDF Eyeshade-$100
  13. OakJakeLewis

    For Sale A few of my collection up for sale PRICE DROP

    looking to get rid of some of my collection to a good home! All shipped inside the U.S. Rio 2016 Sliver 10/10 condition also comes with a Rio Pin $105 shipped Two Face Matte cloud with Black iridium Pol 10/10 really hard to find $135 shipped Oakley Vegas hard case SOLD Oakley Tailend with...
  14. Bonz-1

    For Sale Mixed bag of glasses!

    Ok I have some nice pairs I don't wear ! I bought all these used and I would say are 8/10 I don't see anything wrong with them but you might!! All have original boxes in different degrees of shape !! The transformers gas can are new in sealed box have never been out !! They may have the possible...
  15. Dorig Dokkens

    Sold Oakley Plate near mint

    I have an Oakley Plate that’s silver in color. They are in near perfect condition, only problem is about a pin size scratch on the bridge. Everything else is in great shape. No box.$300
  16. Dorig Dokkens

    Sold Bronze Plates mint condition

    These are Oakley Plate Bronze Titanium Sunglasses. These were the rarest color option available. More rare then the silver and gold 24k options. Never worn, brand new without tags. You won’t find a more perfect pair. Comes with original box,papers and microfiber bag. I have these listed higher...
  17. Lars


    Got these in the mail today. I already have the blue one.
  18. TravisCook

    Major haul

    Just paid the guy for a few more pieces! I am so stoked for this. This is probably going to be my best single puchase... ever. In one lot, I managed to pick up: Romeo 1 (possible Jordan) Mag. M Frame 1’st Gen M Frame Zero 0.3 Grenade fade Froggy D1 D2 Blade And a 12 Gauge, all for one...
  19. TravisCook

    Antifreeze Froggies

    seen them on the bay. Surprised they were on there for as long as they were. Had the box with them too.
  20. Lars

    New hinges

    How do people like the new hinges?
  21. SouLFuLFroG


    All these I've picked up in the last 3 months. I got addicted to the 1st gens. Let me know what everyone thinks. Am I crazy. :-)
  22. OakJakeLewis

    For Sale Getting rid of some of my collection.

    So having a cleaning out sale of sorts! All prices are OBO and shipped to the U.S. will be adding pics after work all are 10/10 condition. Frogskins alpine collection(Alpine glow, Alpine storm, and Bluebird): $300 for all 3 also have a frogskin green fade collection. Get all 4 for $350. Rust...
  23. Rotorhead

    Sold 24-309 Acid Tort Blue w/ Blue Iridium -

    For sale is one pair of Frogskin LNIB, never worn as far as I know and no defects or marks. Price is $85 delivered US. Frame: Acid Tortoise Blue Lens: Blue Iridium Icons: Black Complete with original box, mf bag and papers Thanks for looking!!
  24. SouLFuLFroG

    Sold More stuff but cheaper.

    Hunter orange cerakote frogs with violet. 99 Carbon fiber grey 95 Distress mint and yellow black polar. 120 Green camo dip. With jade 110. Thanks again for looking.
  25. SouLFuLFroG


    Rasta frogs black Iridium 125 Graffiti frogs sapphire 110 obo Chameleon Racers positive red 120 obo Gummy bears positive red 125 Prices are always negotiable as you know me. Thanks for checkin it out.. I have a bunch more to post this afternoon. About 8 or so more. Brian/soulful
  26. Lupetto

    For Sale beams black fade navy

    Glasses only 1/250 Japan exclusive. Complete sets run for 400$ I'm selling used glasses only 150$ Including shipping. Frame is 7/10 lenses 4/10. Good pair to use or refurbish. Lenses look the worst from this angle but it's not noticeable when wearing. Thanks for checking!
  27. TravisCook

    VanNess Wu

    Wow! I can not believe what I seen on eBay. A pair of 24-295 VanNess Wu Frogskins. Couldn't let those slide away. I believe limited to 1,000 pairs? I may be wrong. Anyways, I can not wait for these ones.
  28. SUPR SAV

    For Sale Ducati Juliets, Penny, and Misc.

    Hello friends: It's a fire!... Sale. I have some beautiful pieces that I need to part with for the mullah. Please ask me any question, more picks, if you want to play the bargaining game, etc. To be super safe and transparent, I have likely under-scored the condition of these items...
  29. crgonyar

    Oakley Stash

    Here's a sample of my collection... I have a few "keepers" but always selling, trading, buying! I live a couple of miles from a vault which... "helps"
  30. Aaron Barr

    Trading Many rare frogs in hopes of trading for other rare frogs UPDATED 6_14_17

    UPDATED LIST: BOLD ITALICS HAVE BEEN ACQUIRED OR TRADED Hey everyone, I am doing this in hopes of prying some of those rare frogs out of the awesome collections out there to replace with other rare frogs. See below for some of my options and the rare frogs I would like to acquire. I am not...