frogskins lx

  1. U

    Buying  Eric Koston Camo Frogskins LX

    Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season! Like the title says, I’m looking for the Eric Koston Camo Frogskins LX: oo2043-12 (matte camo w/ dark grey) oo2043-13 (night camo w/ grey) oo2043-14 (matte green camo w/ black iridium) the matte camo frame is the one I’m...
  2. M

    My Frogskin LX Collection

    I've only been collecting for about 6 months. I was given a pair of LX Frogskins and fell in love with the style. The left side is the standard fit and the right are the asian fit. Does anyone know if the LX style of Frogskins are being discontinued? They're almost all off the Oakley site...
  3. Buddha Yodie

    Frogskin LX lenses

    Hello chaps and ladies, My mate recently purchased his first pair of Oakleys. A pair of frogskin LX, was wondering if standard frogskin lenses fit the LX? I've shown him some iridium lenses and his already wanting to custom up his first pair. just bought myself my Christmas prezzies, Ferrari...
  4. U

    Buying  Frogskins LX

    Buying Frogskins LX. Must be mint. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  5. U

    Buying  Frogskins LX

    Buying Frogskins LX. Must be mint. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  6. Trann14

    Koston Frogskins LX

    My first pair of Frogskins. Not sure how I like the Koston LX Frogskins yet, but just couldn't resist these Oakleys. Swapped out the Black for Ruby Polarized :)
  7. C

    Do Regular Frogskins Lenses fit in LX Frogskins?

    Hello, new here and never owned a pair of Oakleys before. But i've fallen in love with the Frogskin LX Navy frame. Now my question is : Does the regular frogskin lenses, that you can buy separately, also fit into the LX? I've a hard time even seeing what the difference between regular and LX...
  8. SMman

    Are The LX Frogskins Models Worth The Extra Money?

    My teenage son is in the market for a pair of Frogskins and prefers the LX model. I notice that they are quite a bit more expensive in stores and online. I honestly don't see much difference but I'm a newb so what do I knowo_O? I'm looking for opinions to see if its worth spending the extra...
  9. 350nick

    Are Frogskins Lenses the same as Frogskins LX?

    Just wondering if the lenses for frogskins LX are identical to frogskins lenses? Also I am trying to decide on a coloured lens for my black frames, I am struggling to decide so any opinions would be helpful! Options are jade, violet, fire or ruby. I know it's personal preference but would be...
  10. Pippon123

    Frogskin Lx

    Hi, Just wondering how to tell if your frogskin lx is authentic. The ones i bought (Frogskins LX Matte Black w/Ruby Iridium) came in a black box with a warranty paper, a newsletter paper, had a barcode sticker on it, and came in a microfiber bag. Also the serial number on the left arm seems...
  11. s3sunruh

    Back To Basics

    Picked up a pair of Frogskins LX on my trip down to Denver over the weekend. These fit so well in comparison to the skatedecks I used to have (which clamped so hard that I would get a headache). This was the last pair of Navy/Chrome that the store in Park Meadows had in stock, so I was a happy...
  12. K

    Regular Vs LX Frogskins

    I'd like to know from those who already have or have tried on/worn the Frogskin LX models, which one is more comfortable and feels/fits better to wear?
  13. Frogskins

    Navy/Red LX ... Wow!

    Blown away when I got these today. Navy blue/white trim/red inside ...
  14. MrLee

    Tortoise Blue Frogskins LX

    I'm not a huge fan of acetate frames, but I really liked this colour way when I first spotted them on a Japanese website, but the price tag put me off a little bit. That all changed when I tried them on. I'm Asian so I'm pretty limited with what frames fit my nose, and I just get away with...
  15. mpmcgaughey

    Brown Tortoise Frogskin LX's

    Gotta admit...I went in a bit suspicious of how the Frogskin LX''s were going to feel as they all have that "China" stamp emblazoned on the earstem but when I picked them up, checked them out and tried them on...well...I had to get them ;o)
  16. Tunnie

    Oakley Frogskins LX Review

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