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    For Sale  Concept Studio Galaxy Frogskins

    For sale is a pair of Concept Studio Galaxy Frogskins (OCS-001). This pair sold out immediately and is very unique. Each frame is hand painted and hand numbered. This pair is 20/25. I've had this pair as the centerpiece of my collection, but feel it is time to share them with someone else. I...
  2. Stu

    Fresh delivery - Jupiter Camo :)

    Been looking for more +red lens and saw these... even came with the sticker and boxed :)
  3. Stu

    Finally arrived today 😊 Soft Touch Frogskins

    New in box soft touch carbon +red irid 😊
  4. U

    Sold  Frogskin frames

    Don’t need them, hoping someone can get some use out of them. Crystal Black with Print - SOLD Machinist Matte Black - SOLD Matte Clear-Matte Translucent Pink $45 shipped.
  5. Stu

    Fresh delivery

    Managed to pickup some 35th Frogs for £55 and bought some extra lenses to customise and all arrived today 😊 very happy..
  6. Stu

    One happy boy 😊

    Massive thanks to @MicahS 👌🏻 for selling me his Abyss Frogskins.. been after the positive red lens since I removed them from an old pair not realising just how rare they are becoming 😊
  7. Stu

    Frogskins magnetic poster arrived 😊

    Frogskins Poster from 2011.. super heavy magnetic poster.. colour is still great on it to! 👌🏻
  8. U

    Sold  9 pairs for $50 each

    So about 2 months ago got the opportunity to pick up a lot of glasses. Sadly, not all of them were in "top" condition. The frames on all these are in excellent condition, it's the lenses that weren't the best. It might be one scratch to a few or on the Dispatch II it was some delamination...
  9. U

    Sold  Frogskins

    Recently picked these up in a lot purchase and they're just not for me. All glasses are in excellent condition and will come with a microfiber bag. $85 shipped for anything shown. Eclipse Red with Torch Iridium (Eclipse Collection) Matte Clear-Matte Translucent Pink with Torch Iridium...
  10. Stu

    Where to Find Oakley Frogskins Positive Red Iridium lens?

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get a pair of lens? Contacted Oakley and they say its now discontinued :( Thanks Stu
  11. U

    Sold  Grenade Fade Frogskin

    Grenade Fade Frogskins With Black Iridium $130 (Shipping and Handling included)
  12. U

    For Sale  C’mon wealth Frogskins

    Blonde Torte + Red Iridium $650 (includes shipping and Handling)
  13. V


    Hi all! What do you all think the evaluation on these are? Never been worn. Mint condition
  14. U

    Sold  Supreme, ATMOS, DQM, others... Selling Vintage, Rare, Collectibles.

  15. Bernie Fincham

    Vintage Wildberry n Milk Japan value?

    I got these a long time ago, and was thinking about selling... have no idea the value.
  16. U

    Sold  Frogskins Mix

    Recently picked these up; just not for me. Brand new; will come with a standard black microfiber bag. Matte Black with Prizm Violet Polished Black with Prizm Black $70 shipped for each or $125 takes both.
  17. U

    Sold  Team USA Collectors Frogskins

    Team USA Frogskins (OO9013-85) for sale with original MF bag. I've never personally worn them, but they seem to be very lightly used. One small nick on the left lens and two small nicks on the right arm as noted in the photos. Other than that, I do not see any wear. Has original Team USA...
  18. U

    Sold  Frogskins Variety Bundle (Regular, Lite, Mix and XS)

    Recently picked these up in a bulk deal; just not me. Selling as a bundle. $400 takes all. Frogskins - Polished Clear with Prizm Violet Frogskins Lite - Pink Fade with Prizm Black Iridium Frogskins Mix - Crystal Blue with Prizm Ruby Polarized Frogskins Mix - Matte Black Ink with Prizm Black...
  19. U

    Sold  EU sunglass sale - worldwide shipping

    Quick Sale. All pairs new, unused, 100% authentic and coming with the microclear bag only, 65 USD each, add 10$ flatrate for worldwide shipping (I'm shipping from Germany), PayPal G&S, more pairs coming soon when these are sold 1. SLIVER Polished Clear Prizm Sapphire 2. FROGSKINS Polished Clear...
  20. U

    Trading  My Frogskins 35th LE, Gold and black (not serialized) for Frogskins Kokoro

    *** Read carefully*** I want to trade (or maybe sell) my 35th limited edition gold and black NOT SERIALIZED Frogskins, brand new in the box with stickers. For a pair of kokoro, in perfect or near perfect condition. Or if you have somethings nice. Maybe 35th clear front with violet prizm...
  21. U

    Sold  Staple x Liberty x Oakley Frogskins NIB

    Only taken out for pics. I have my other pair on display. From what I remember there were only 150 pairs made. $450 USA only please - also listed on ebay so whichever sells first (hopefully here)
  22. F

    Oakley repairs

    Morning all, newbie here with too many sunnies to list, starting from the 80s with my original Frogskins to my last purchase which were Holbrook metal. Question I have is how do I get a new arm for those original Frogskins, and where can I get my juliets refurbished as the rubbers have gone all...
  23. I

    recent purchase - are these authentic ?

    Recent purchase from eBay wondering if these are truly Oakley Frogskins what do you think?
  24. U

    Sold  SOLD Jupiter camo Frogskin $SOLD SHIPPED

    For sale is a pair of a Jupiter Camo Frogskins. These are USED but COMPLETE. I’ve worn these about a dozen times or so. I love this pair but it’s time to pass them to someone else who can enjoy them a bit more than I did. Frame lenses show wear (view photos). Frames have minor and usual marks...
  25. B

    Herschel Frogskins Black tortoise

    Got them in the mail today, and they are stunning!
  26. U

    Sold  Milkshake Frogskin #2

    Milkshake Pink w/ Pink Iridium lenses 10/10 everything, never worn. Asking $115>$105 plus shipping. Make an offer. If you’re interested in the other pair of Milkshake Frogs I posted I’ll do a package deal for $190
  27. U

    For Sale  Frogskins | Eastern Boarder Acapulco Gold

    Hello Forum, on behalf of a friend of mine (who isn't a forum member, but well known in the community) here is the chance to own a superrare pair of Frogskins. This opportunity will not come very often as most of the hardcore Frogskin collectors sit on their items like on a golden egg. Okay...
  28. U

    Sold  Milkshake Frog

    Milkshake Frogskin blue front with mint stems. Chrome Irid lens. Will include original box and milkshake micro bag. Asking $115>$105 plus shipping.
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  30. H

    First Frogskins Color?

    Does anyone know what color the first pair of Frogskins that rolled off the line were? I know there were multiple color options back in '85, but I'm curious which ones were actually first. Or maybe just which ones were in the very first ad.