1. cacatman

    The Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Page!

    Updated by 21st April, 2019 by cacatman Post anything Pirates related here! Currently open for recruiting new O.F. Pirate's Fans. Uncle @Cutch22 needs YOU!! Respectful banter welcome. The Pirates The Pittsburgh Pirates are an American professional baseball team based in Pittsburgh...
  2. dh4645

    For Sale R1 Romeo Ti 24k Polarized & OEM Gold Iridium

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY Romeo Frame: Titanium Lens: 24k Polarized & OEM Gold Iridium Rubbers: OEM Rootbeer. 4 gaskets are Linegear Japan black. SKU: 04-101 Serial: 056609 Rating: 9/10 Price: $old Comes...
  3. SolarOracle

    Sold Romeo Gold Iridium Lenses OEM

    R1 Gold lenses Asking Shipped $OLD CONUS
  4. Jerome

    Oakley Apparition with Prizm Rose Gold lenses

    Just saw this new release appear here on the internet: Oakley Apparition OO 9451 (945104) Looks like a blend between a Catalyst and a Latch. They come with a variety of Prizm and non-Prizm lenses but what caught my eye was the color of these lenses that have the description "Prizm Rose Gold"...
  5. Tejada

    For Sale Display X Metal Custom Gold, Copper, Polished. ( New photos)

    Display X Metal Custom Gold, Copper, Polished The stand's are totally new and are in their original color. They will be taken to customize with the color of your choice. Price $ 75 each Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal.
  6. Xformr

    Sold *Sold* Juliet X-Metal Dillon Gold NIR

    **SOLD PENDING FUNDS** The coveted beautiful Dillon NIR polarized lenses in gold custom cut for Juliet and fits 4th gen. This X-Metal (Zach refinish) Dillon Gold setup pretty much speaks for itself when looking at the photos. This will (hopefully temporarily) pull me out of the Dillon Club and...
  7. The_Darkone

    Sold BNIB Gold Carbon Money Clip #71

    Up for sale is a new gold carbon money clip. It's never even been displayed. I purchased it as a backup to my other so it has just sat in a box. It has the display box, inner and outer boxes, and the COA. There is a little chip of paint missing by the stem in the lid but doesn't effect...
  8. xmetal40

    For Sale Penny Lenses: Ruby, Gold, and Black

    CONUS shipping please. Gold -- Traded! Ruby $40 Black $old Gold comes custom cut, but never worn. Ruby definitely worn; small scratches on each lens. Black in better shape than ruby, especially the left lens. Any questions please PM me. I am open to trade offers or cash/trade deals.
  9. Rhymes

    Buying GRENADE Frogskins Gold Iridium

    I'm looking for a pair of matte olive gold iridium frogskins. Model# 24-164 Don't mind them being used I'm thinking $40-100? Thank you very much!
  10. B

    Buying Gearbox gold

    Looking to acquire a Gearbox (gold) with black strap. Price, condition, warranty, battery life. Thanks!
  11. X-Metal Beast

    For Sale New custom cut Juliet lenses - Gold Iridium

    Both sets of lenses are in like new condition. No scratches, nicks, blemishes, dings, or anything that might affect line of vision. They have been mounted in 3 different Juliet frames and perfect fit in all of them. Gold Iridium custom cut by @zwc0442 I believe from Flak 2.0 XL, but not 100%...
  12. S

    Rare Racing Jackets Chrome Gold 2004 Olympics

    Sorry for posting this in general but figured somebody might be interested in these... Oakley Racing Jacket GOLD Olympics sunglasses RARE gen 1 generation 1 Water
  13. junbonifacio

    Sold Juliet 24k Limited Edition

    For sale only Oakley juliet 24k limited edition MINT! 396/750 $1,100 firm price shipped via DHL Payment thru WESTERN UNION Frame 10/10 Lens 10/10 Rubbers 10/10 Coupler 9/10 Comes with Unit, bnew replacement camo pouch,box,coin,vault,warranty papers
  14. 702baby

    Deal Between 702baby and Zerodosquince

    Sold the plasma Romeo 1 frame, Romeo 1 gold iridium lenses, and Romeo 1 box to @Zerodosquince
  15. ajcon200

    Buying Crosshair 2.0. GOLD FRAME

    Looking for a Crosshair 2.0, with the gold frame. Preferably with the bronze polorised. but would consider the MPH with warm grey or any other lens combo. PM with any offers, or for a list of possible trades i might have. Thanks
  16. crj

    Gold Supreme Frogskins

    Just purchased a pair of Gold Oakley x Supreme Frogskins. Definitely an awesome pair. I like to think of them as the parent of Goldbrooks, and 24K Juliets ;)!