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Oakley Apparition with Prizm Rose Gold lenses


Oakley Enthusiast
The Netherlands
Just saw this new release appear here on the internet: Oakley Apparition OO 9451 (945104)

Looks like a blend between a Catalyst and a Latch. They come with a variety of Prizm and non-Prizm lenses but what caught my eye was the color of these lenses that have the description "Prizm Rose Gold" The frame color is Satin Dark Ember.

Lots of Unobtanium on the temples

From the inside it looks like these lenses have a brown base color. Prizm 24K and Prizm Ruby also have a brown base.

Direct from the front Prizm Rose Gold looks like this. I'm curious how they look in sunlight and what the light transmission is and how reflective they really are.

The other colors are Satin Black Ink / Prizm Ruby

Satin Black / Prizm Grey

Satin Black Ink / Sapphire Iridium Polarized

Satin Black / Black Iridium Polarized

Satin Concrete / Prizm Black

I'm very curious about Prizm Rose Gold, hope some more information on this new Prizm lens will appear soon. If anybody got some more info on Prizm Rose Gold let it know in the comments below
I dont mind these to much. Definitely wont rush out to get one. But I'll pick one up when they go on sale.
I dont mind these to much. Definitely wont rush out to get one. But I'll pick one up when they go on sale.

There aren’t many responses to this thread so I guess this forum does not like these sunglasses that much. The Apparition is almost as flat as a pancake and I like Oakleys to have at least a little bit of curve so they shield a bit on the sides.
As I mentioned I’m more curious about the Prizm Rose Gold lenses and how these will look and perform.
I cant deal with the whole on the side of the lenses

I know..... Wtf is it for? I would poke whoever is wearing it on the forehead with a uncooked spaghetti noodle through that hole. No other reason for it to be there other than that.

Just another atrocious pair by Lux. Move along people, nothing to see here.
SportRX made a video for the Apparition
The hole in the frame is called the iris. The front of the frame is made of nano matter which is a little bit more rigid than O matter.
Tyler is pretty excited about the Apparition so I guess we should all order at least one pair

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