1. U

    For Sale New Ferrari Madman & Badman For Sale

    Selling mint never worn Ferrari edition Madman and Badman. I’m located in Oklahoma but will ship. Please feel free to message here or text me 580 273 1505 for additional info and pictures. Thank you, Griffin
  2. Maveryq13

    Round Eye Collection

    Yes, you read that right; Show me your round eye collection! My trifecta. I tried the Madman and didn't like them, so here's my current lineup; I hope to add a Crater. Let's see yours!
  3. Inkkoonce

    Deadbolt more X-Metal than Madman?

    Both have similar forms but the Deadbolt is made of Titanium and the Madman is not. Do you consider the Deadbolt more X-Metal than the Madman?
  4. U

    Sold Madman Pewter / Black Iridium Polarized #SOLD

    Hello OF I have decided to sell one of my Madman Pewt frame with black iridium polarized lenses, in BNIB condition I only open to take the pics. SKU: OO6019-02 All 10/10 Price: $240 for the glasses + $40 for the fees and shipping. $280 allin #SOLD in Paypal g&s OBO ( Shipping with tracking...
  5. U

    Trading Looking for Madman

    Looking for a pair of Madman’s preferably with Ruby lenses. Would prefer to trade, but I’m not opposed to a cash deal depending on the deal. Let me know what you guys have.
  6. U

    Sold 4 cases. Madman, Metal vault, X metal Soft. $90

    4 cases The cases are in good condition and functional. One of these has its original box. Price $90 free shipping to usa Pay by Paypal
  7. U

    Sold Madman Badman combo

    Ferrari Madman and Ferrari Badman combo. Both frames have never been worn, I had to break the seal on the box to take the pictures. The madman box is a little beat up. Both frames are perfect since there’s been no wear. $300 for both or $170 a pair. Selling for a friend.
  8. Lackhammer

    Madman/Badman Vault Case

    Hey everyone! I purchased a pair of Madman’s from a sunglass hut (it was the last pair I could find, which was frustrating since I work at an Oakley retailer) but it did not come with a box OR the capsule case!! I am desperately trying to find one but the only one that comes up when I search...
  9. U

    Buying Madman Carbon Prizm Daily

    Looking for a NIB or LNIB Prizm daily Carbon Madman Frame: Dark Carbon Lens: Prizm Daily Polarized Family: X-Metal SKU: OO6019-05
  10. S

    Keeping things real...rare!

    How’s everyone doing in the world of Oakley? I’ve got a few rare pieces and potentially looking for them to sit in a new quiver. Reach out if there’s anything you guys/girls are hunting down and I’ll dig into my bunker. Specifically anyone looking for a cool limited Madman...let me know!
  11. U

    For Sale A few of my collection up for sale PRICE DROP

    looking to get rid of some of my collection to a good home! All shipped inside the U.S. Rio 2016 Sliver 10/10 condition also comes with a Rio Pin $105 shipped Two Face Matte cloud with Black iridium Pol 10/10 really hard to find $135 shipped Oakley Vegas hard case SOLD Oakley Tailend with...
  12. U

    Sold Madman Dark Carbon/Ruby

    Never worn, one of the few pairs of these I purchased and didn’t wear any of them. Asking $130 plus shipping.
  13. U

    Sold Bronze Plates mint condition

    These are Oakley Plate Bronze Titanium Sunglasses. These were the rarest color option available. More rare then the silver and gold 24k options. Never worn, brand new without tags. You won’t find a more perfect pair. Comes with original box,papers and microfiber bag. I have these listed higher...
  14. U

    For Sale Ferrari Madman

    Just selling a pair of my Ferrari Madman’s. Never worn, they really aren’t my style even though I wish they were. Asking $160 plus shipping. Thanks!
  15. U

    For Sale Getting rid of some of my collection.

    So having a cleaning out sale of sorts! All prices are OBO and shipped to the U.S. will be adding pics after work all are 10/10 condition. Frogskins alpine collection(Alpine glow, Alpine storm, and Bluebird): $300 for all 3 also have a frogskin green fade collection. Get all 4 for $350. Rust...
  16. U

    For Sale Post Hurricane Irma SALE

    Got hit by Irma. My home is fine, my belongings are fine, just drained my bank account and looks like the restaurant I work in won't be open for business for a couple of weeks at least. So I decided to let go of a few things I have. All prices include conus shipping. Will ship worldwide and...
  17. B

    Madman (s)

    On eBay "deals" the seller world-of-optics, had listed, BNIB Madman's. Colorways they had was Pewter w/BIP, and Dark Carbon w/Prizm Daily Polarized. They are priced at $74.99 USD right now. Not sure how long it'll last, but I figured it was cheap enough to order one of each color available...
  18. U

    Found Madman and Badman

    Hi all, We are looking for a few frames each, Madman and Badman. Any frame finish and lenses color. What important before we deal are: 1. LNIB or BNIB - frame and mf bag or full set. 2. LNIB 110$ a piece max or BNIB prices depends on the frame finish let's negotiate. *This is our limit...
  19. Professor Oak

    Goodbye Ferrari Collection, Hello BMW.

    As some of you may already know, Luxottica has ripped the Ferrari contract away from Oakley to give it to Ray Ban.:headbang:So if there were any Ferrari Edition Oakley's you wanted to get your hands on, you might want to get them soon. Personally I was a big fan of the Ferrari Collection as I am...
  20. Professor Oak

    Representing the DMV

    This is so awesome. So hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Jason and I'm extremely excited to be a part of this community. I've recently become an Oakley fanatic and really have gotten the chance to embrace the brand. I only just turned twenty one but honestly I've always been way more...
  21. E

    Madman nose bridge sizes

    Just picked up a pair of Madman polarized sunglasses on ebay. They dont really fit my fat nose. Are different sized nose bridges available. I LOVE these glasses and i hope i can fit them to me. This is my first post and second pair of Oakleys
  22. U

    For Sale A lot of my collection. Make a fair offer and it's yours.

    Student loans are killing me so I have to eat the bullet and sell some pairs of eyewear. Flexible on prices but no low balling please. 1:BNIB Ferrari Carbon blade with ferrari signage. $350 OBO shipped to the U.S. 2: BNIB Rust Decay Breadbox $270 OBO shipped to the U.S. 3:BNIB plasma madman...
  23. U

    Sold like new Madman Ruby Polarized

    hello all! Worn a few times, realized it's not for me, sticking with the real xmetal line lol All is like new except for some minor flaking of paint at the hinges, see photos inside red circle, these madmans are so delicate! Comes with box, canister, MF bag asking $105.00 conus priority 2-3...
  24. U

    Sold MadMan/BadMan X Metal Display!

    Hey guys, I have a MadMan/BadMan X Metal Display for sale. Shipping and PayPal fee's are included to CONUS. SOLD Display comes with MadMan insert and BadMan insert. It is also made out of aluminum, not plastic. Measurements: 10" w x 6" t x 8 " d Condition: 10/10 First come with payment...
  25. WraithEye

    X-Metal vs. Carbon Fiber (c six)

    I was looking on EBay to find what was out there in the Oakley world. I came across a couple of C Six posts selling for $25,000 to $35,000. I'm a huge X-Metal fan and really don't see the carbon fiber being a stronger frame, especially since the hinges are still aluminum. What are your...
  26. karimo

    My Madman and Badman

    I love this frames! 2 ferraris 2 prizm daily 2 ruby ird 1 tungsten and 1 XTI
  27. U

    Sold BADMAN SCUDERIA FERRARI COLLECTION - In Sealed Box, price drop

    For sale is a pair of the Ferrari Badman. They have a dark carbon frame with red accents and black iridium polarized lens with the etched Ferrari crest in the lower left corner of the left lens. They also come in a tube that is unique with red accents and a microfiber bag also with the Ferrari...
  28. U

    Buying BNIB/LNIB Madman in carbon/ruby iridium

    Please shoot me offers and pics. Would like new in box or like new (at least 9/10 condition) madman in dark carbon/ruby iridium polarized combo.....
  29. Modstar

    Oakley Madman True Frame Color

    Hi guys! Can someone confirm the true color of the Oakley Madman with SKU OO6019-02? Oakley website's photo of the unit is much darker (black or almost) compared to the photo in O-Review? Thanks for the help!
  30. U

    Deal Oakley Madman

    Carbon w/ Ruby or Plasma with Fire thank ya :cool-20: