oakley prizm lenses

  1. Onestoptechshop

    Oakley prizim golf prescription glasses help.

    I'm looking at buying the prizim lenses in my prescription sun glasses for golf. I'm trying to decide dark golf vs. golf. I live in Las Vegas. Basically sunny all the time but I play alot of late afternoon rounds or early morning rounds when sun is just setting or coming up. So that leads me to...
  2. yanki01

    New Flak 2.0's!

    I always liked my Fast Jackets but due to the lack of options on lenses since they're being discontinued, I decided to try something else. Of course the F&F discount helped my make a decision on what I was going to buy. Flak 2.0 Matte black frame, white O Sapphire Iridium Polarized XL Prizm...
  3. Oakley for life

    Deep and Shallow Water Prizm - May 1st Release

    Just found out that on May 1st they will be releasing the deep water(pictured below) and a shallow water prizm, which will bring out more the greens and browns from the water!! From what I heard, they will probably sell out real quick!!
  4. OakGod81

    Prizm BADMAN thx Godzilla

    Wasn't sure at first but I put on my contacts and effing love them Thx Godzilla mang