1. kayana photography bali

    For Sale Titanium Romeo 1 with 2 set lens

    For sale : Romeo 1 Titanium Sunglasses with pouch only (no box) Frame conditions 8/10 There is small usersmarks on the bridge. Lens installed : gold iridium with xmetal etching. There is lens crack on both lens. This sales will included fire iridium lens with etching xmetal. There is no crack...
  2. Linegear Japan

    R1 Plasma or Ti Gen 2?

    This look like a Plasma R1, but I never see an Plasma R1with a Gold iridium & root beer rubber. Is there any info which I can find to confirm this is a Ti Gen 2? [I started to missed O review] The serial is 6 digit, without A. Thank a lot O bro and R1 connoisseurs! * Pict (outdoor natural...
  3. Linegear Japan

    Sold Romeo 1 Ti w/ Gold Ird (Gen 2) - it looks like a Plasma

    Hi all, This is a mint Romeo 1 Ti (gen2) with Gold Iridium X Metal etched. The condition are as best as I can describe below: Frame: beautiful polished-like Plasma Lenses: tiny crack on right lens (as seen in pict), nothing affect vision. Rubber: oem root beer, very good condition. TS 15, 25...
  4. X-Metal Beast

    Romeo 1 Jordan # 0025 auction

    Anyone in here bidding on this jewel? With matching Xmetal case, nice http://www.ebay.com/itm/151862571951
  5. kayana photography bali

    Sold nearly mint BI Romeo 1 Lens

    For sale nearly like new conditions Oakley Black Iridium with xmetal etching. lens almost 99% conditions without any scratch or lens stress. price of $145 include registered mail from Bali-Indonesia. Payment by paypal with 4% fees. will secured packaging.
  6. RoTors

    New R1 and R2

    Just had these arrive. Almost complete Polished R2. Missing the coin. If anyone has one that they are tired of, let me know :cool: The R1's rubber was shot and needed replaced. OEM lenses were scratched with cracks so I installed custom cut Ruby lenses and @Linegear Official rubber. Here...
  7. mjt42

    There cant be many of these....

    I bought an R1 and the previous owner had the foresight to leave the box seal intact... He opened the box at the opposite end without tearing or damaging the card. It can be reclosed leaving just some superficial creasing. The coin is even still in place. Shame the serial number of the...
  8. D

    R1 TI bone beater with emeralds

    I botched the cut on one of the lenses and am unsure if you can tell they are different shades of emerald iridium. would you recommend green Ichiro color rubbers or black?
  9. Romeo 1

    How Many Pairs Of Romeo 1 In Your Collections?

    My Romeo is just 3 pairs, 2 x metal and 1 plasma fire :big_boss: How about yours? Any pictures of those top left x metal ice iridium custom cut, top right x metal black iridium and bottom plasma fire iridium lens. coming soon 1 more :laugh: for me its enough for me :cool: