oakley valve

  1. U

    Buying  WTB Oakley Valve 1.0

    Looking for Valve 1.0, at least 9/10 condition (no lens scratches or very, very slightly). prefer complete with box and etc. Thanks!
  2. Squared-Ojunkie

    Old Oakley Valve Lenses fit in new Valve?

    Can anyone tell me if these lenses will fit my new (old) Valves I just got. OH And What is OEM Or NOS Oakley OEM Valve Grey Lenses NOS Lens Replacement Kit 13-454
  3. U

    For Sale  Old School Sunglasses for Sale

    here i have a couple of oakley sunglasses for sale. they old school models, maybe some of you are looking for adding it to your collection. 1. Oakley valve Platinum with Gold Iridium lenses condition frame 8/10 lenses 9/10 it comes with box, papers and microbag asking price us$120 OBO pics...
  4. F

    Oakley Valve vs Style Switch Model?

    hey guys, tried different oakley yesterday. After sold my Xsquared plasma, want something more simple to find, replace and tried the valve, really like them for my big head. I didnt see the switch model on the shop, but i like the option to replace lens on it. Is there a different on size on the...
  5. xmetal40

    New Valve: Infinite Hero

    Just got these new Oakley Infinite Hero valve's. It's the new camo color scheme they just released. Pretty cool and is great to see the infinite hero line rocking came! New color scheme.
  6. xmetalmaniac

    Re-releasing The Valve For 2014....

    Uhhhhh, who approved this?? Seriously! Oakley Valve | Official Oakley Store And something else from the cutting room floor...... Oakley Quarter Jacket | Official Oakley Store