1. BigTaco

    Help my Big Tacos!

    Hey everyone been a lurker for some time. But I have recently been put in a sad spot. So I work in animal control and had a dog rip my big tacos off my face and broke one of the arms. Do any of you gurus of Oakleys know where I can locate an arm? I contacted Oakley directly and they don't have...
  2. 2

    What were your first pair of Oakleys?????

    For me......they were the polished black Gascan w/ black iridium lens. I can't remember the year but it was when Gascan's hit the market and were a HUGE hit. Share your first pair!!!
  3. sunglassfiend

    Apple iPhone X / Face ID Doesn't Work with Oakley Sunglasses?

    Have been reading multiple reports of people's Apple iPhone X Face ID not working when they are wearing Oakley Sunglasses. Face ID replaced the fingerprint (Touch ID) on the iPhone X after they were unable to successfully integrate a fingerprint scanner into the X's edge to edge screen. Know...
  4. Edge16

    Eyepatch 2 - Broken Frame

    I'm wondering if there is any possible way to fix these frames. I've tried some kind of epoxy with limited success. I am curious if anyone else has had frames break like this and have been able to successfully repair them.
  5. yanki01

    Flak 2.0 replacement icons?

    There's some on the bay but made for the radars. Would they be the same size as the Flak 2.0? Also, how would one "save" the icons for multiple use? A little heat/hair dryer to remove and keep the sticky? I don't plan on swapping them every day buy would like to keep the options and not have any...
  6. yanki01

    New Flak 2.0's!

    I always liked my Fast Jackets but due to the lack of options on lenses since they're being discontinued, I decided to try something else. Of course the F&F discount helped my make a decision on what I was going to buy. Flak 2.0 Matte black frame, white O Sapphire Iridium Polarized XL Prizm...