1. SolarOracle

    Sold Pitboss Polished Black

    Up for sale is a Pitboss Gunmetal / Polished Black with VR28 Polarized lenses Frame is in excellent condition 9/10 and lenses 9/10 Comes with black microfiber bag $OLD shipped CONUS
  2. TimeTank

    Sold PIT BOSS I for sale

    PIT BOSS POLISHED BLACK FRAME BRONZE POLZ LENSES BURNISHED BRONZE SHIELDS (unreleased sku, built from initial run of prototype parts) No Box Condition 7/10 - No shelf queen. Great for actually wearing or customizing. Not worn but.... Proto parts so they are not perfect. Check inside pic of...
  3. Fables

    Buying Pit boss Tron box(es)

    This may be a long shot but I guess it's worth a try. I want to buy the Tron outerbox...only. Have everything else (including paperwork and elite wooden box). So if somebody has this in good condition and is willing to sell it please send me PM.
  4. Tejada

    Sold PB2 Lot

    Pitboss 2 Black polished, root beer, Black Matte. Totally new without use, the frames are in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. The totally new lenses without scratches. The price is for 2 glasses of your choice. Matte black, complete with papers and boxes. Rootbeer, complete...
  5. X-Metal Beast

    Traded my Pit Boss 1 frame for your Mars Crater frame

    Have am excellent condition PB1 frame, willing to trade for a Mars Crater frame with OEM finish. Lenses and rubbers not needed PM me if interested
  6. Tejada

    Sold Pitboss1 Rootbeer

    Pitboss 1 Frame with small scratches (see photos) 2 pairs of lenses, one pair in excellent condition. Framework in condition 9.0 / 10 Lenses with some deep scratches 9.5/10 Price $ 420 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal
  7. TheDukeOfIce

    Found Wearable PB1 &/or PB2

    Any colorway, any condition, NO BNIB or LNIB please (unless you will sell it for beater price) :) Looking to buy a good used car, not the dealers showroom gem. Thank you
  8. weshardeniv

    Found Ducati Pit Boss 1

    As the title says, if you have a Ducati Pit Boss 1 that is looking for a loving new home, hit me up!
  9. Fernando

    Sold Pit Boss I Mate rootbeer & bronze w/ Tungsten iridium Polarized

    Hello OFamily for sale Like new in box Matte Rootbeer with bronze Tungsten Iridium Polarized Lenses. Frame: No scratches , 9/10 safe rating Lenses: Can't see no scratches but will rate 9/10 Comes with complete 2x double cardboard box and wooden box , elite microfibre bag...
  10. Fables

    Best Oakley case for Pit Boss 1

    Inspired by the intage zero thread below and recently becoming a proud owner of a pair of Oakley Pit bull 1 sunglasses I wanted to ask which Oakley case would be the best fit for them. The wooden case is great for storing the glasses at home but it's too heavy to carry around and I plan to use...
  11. X-Metal Beast

    Sold New OEM Pit Boss 1 Ducati icons

    New OEM PB1 Ducati icons. 1 set available. Price is $75 firm shipped USA
  12. xmetal40

    Pit Boss 1 lens options

    Curious what members feel would be a cool lens set to be chopped for PB1? I might do a custom paint by @zwc0442 before lenses get cut. Just kicking around ideas. I am a big fan of +Red, and also like DWP quite a bit. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks.
  13. htrap2294

    Buying PBI Polarized Lens

    I prefer Tungsten Iridium polarized but if you have other colorways as well, that’s alright.
  14. htrap2294

    Things just line up every once in a while...

    Well, I picked up one of my grails this weekend - a mint condition Pit Boss I Rootbeer colorway. I know for some, they do not appreciate the Rootbeer colorway, but for me, it is my favorite. Polished scratches too easily for me and the matte black picks up fingerprint oils too easily. I just...
  15. htrap2294

    Found Pit Boss I

    Looking for an Oakley Pit Boss I. Here is the order of preference: 1. Rootbeer (umm...sexy!) 2. Matte Black/Titanium 3. Polished I would prefer it to be a complete set, but will entertain non-complete sets as well (as long as the price reflects it).
  16. Xformr

    Sold Shallow Blue Polarized Pit Bull lenses (X-Metal donor)

    Brand-new, never mounted Pit Bull lenses. These are 8 base curve and ideal size for most X-Metals or Pit Boss II donor. Great amber base lenses with a unique dark blue iridium. These are NOT the Prizm Shallow Water lenses, but the older variant of Oakley angling specific lenses. Comes in lens...
  17. PitBoss

    Sold PitBoss 2 Polished Black with VR28BIP

    For your consideration A beautiful polished PB2 with original vr28BIP lenses, free of defects. When I received them they still had sticker on lens and plastic on arms. They have been used only a handful of times and condition is reflected by this. Frame 9.5 Lenses 9.5 Rubber 9.5 All 3 boxes...
  18. hockeyguy

    For Sale Package $500 PB2, Rust Breadbox, Bottlecap

    Hey everyone! Selling my Pit Boss 2, Rust Decay Breadbox, and Stealth Green Bottlecap as a package! $500 (plus shipping) for everything includes all original packaging for every item. Message me if you have questions or are interested! Thanks! EDIT 11/25/17- Big Update to this sale, since I’m...
  19. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Pit Boss Ducati frame (OEM, not custom) - GONE

    Pit Boss Ducati frame (OEM, not custom). I see absolutely nothing wrong with the frame, and aside from the lenses, I don't think the frame has ever been worn. These were put together with mint condition OEM PB1 Ducati spare parts. Everything is tight and solid. Frame and bonus lenses $SOLD Add...
  20. hockeyguy

    For Sale Pit Boss 2, Rust Decay Breadbox, Tactical Clip.

    Both frames include all original packaging. The Breadbox has never been worn, the Pit Boss has been worn id say less than 10 times if I had to take a guess. TACTICAL CLIP- $65 PIT BOSS II- $360 BREADBOX-$360 Price does not include shipping. Thanks!
  21. Lupetto

    Buying Pb1 beater doesn't need lenses!

    Just need a frame Pb1 paying 200$ or more for better condition..
  22. xmetal40

    Sold Pit Boss I polished black

    I will consider international shipping to Australia, England, Japan, Germany, Canada, and Europe in general. Beyond that, ask me so I may adjust price for shipping. Custom cut Ice lenses currently inside frame. The VR28BIPolar lenses show no marks. Feel free to make offer with or without Ice...
  23. PitBoss

    Found PitBoss I RootBeer

    Guys Trying to find a PBI rootbeer. I'm interested in a deal where it need not be complete. I'm willing to buy frame+lens only but it must be mint Let me know what you got?
  24. brain739

    For Sale Huge collection: Straight Jackets, electronics, Artist series, Pit Boss, and more!

    Summer is coming up and it's time to change a few things up in the old display case so here are a few odds and ends coming your way! Oakley 5 Crankcase: Matte Dark Grey w/ Warm Grey - $200 This was a retail managers' exclusive. Note the custom color of icons and custom "5" lens etching. Very...
  25. Migs the Scientist

    Sold Custom Pit Boss1

    Hello O Friends! A nice custom pit boss for sale with mint sapphire cut installed and mint BI polarized some minor marks on the end of the arms, the box itself has some marks as well, overall looks very nice as you can see in the photos. asking $380.00 OBO What you see is what you get no trades...
  26. Rotorhead

    Sold Pit Boss II, Matte/Silver and BIP, unopened

    For Sale is a Pit Boss II. Bought from our friend at Linegear about 6 months ago and never opened the box, so all is unseen and brand new. Price is $SOLD delivered US. Selling a few items for a larger purchase. Frame: Matte and Silver Lens: Black Iridium Polarized All Boxes, bags, papers...
  27. Rotorhead

    Sold Pit Boss II OO9137-03 Polished Root Beer/TIP- LNIB

    For Sale is a pair of Pit Boss II. From a friend, given as a gift and never worn. No flaws. sku: OO9137-03 Frame: Polished Root Beer Lens: Tungston Iridium Polarized Other: All boxes and original packaging in near mint condition Asking: $SOLD shipped US, paypal. Outside US please pm.
  28. toosteeley

    Sold LNIB Rootbeer PB1 - CLOSED

    Up for sale is my LNIB rootbeer PB1. I'm not listing it as BNIB simply due to taking it out of the box to display ;) Only displayed, never worn. Comes with everything (3 boxes, paperwork, Elite bag, plastic arm sleeves etc). Absolutely pristine! I can no longer bear to let these go. Staying...
  29. X-Metal Beast

    Sold BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer - SKU 03-305

    Hello O-Bros, here I have my last BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer (I have one more but it's used). Lenses 10/10, Frame 10/10. All boxes and documentation included. Outer Sleeve with storage wear, but in "ok" condition. Of course it includes Elite MF bag. Price is $550 includes shopping ConUS. PP G&S...
  30. X-Metal Beast

    Sold BNIB PIT BOSS 1 ROOTBEER - SKU 03-305

    Hello people, Here I have a BNIB Pit Boss 1 Rootbeer - SKU 03-305 for sale. The pair is Brand new and in 9.5/10 condition; reason for it not being 10/10 is because there's a micro dot on the left lens not visible when wearing, only noticeable against a light (see picture 11). It includes all 3...