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    Buying Looking For MUZM Racing Jackets

    Hi All, Was trying to get a pair of the MUZM Racing Jackets on release day... no luck like so many, if anyone ended up with an extra and would like to sell please PM me! Thanks!
  2. suspectotb

    GEN 1/2 Racing Jacket Donors

    Hi guys, Does anyone know which oakley lenses are compatible to be used as a donor lens for the gen 1 & 2 racing jackets? Thanks!
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    Sold Racing Jacket Matte Black with Black Iridium and Prizm Road OO9171

    For your purchase consideration is a nearly new pair of Racing Jacket with Matte Black frame and two sets of lenses: Black Iridium and Prizm Road, both Vented (the Road lenses were never installed). I would rate these at a 9-9.5 all-around, as I wore these only a few times. These will come with...
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    Deal Racing Jacket

    Team Light-Navy Metallic Upper has corner nicks on either side, left being the worst of the damage. Dark Grey lowers, some wear on very bottom corner folds overs and on the very front by the nose. Silver satin bolts & icons are brand new. Light orange rubbers are oem and like-new condition. VR28...
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    Deal Team Red Seafoam Racing Jacket

    Team Red Metallic uppers have minor temple wear on each tip, arms still have snappiness to them. Seafoam Green jaws are in excellent shape. Orange (hand painted) bolts & white icons have some wear. Rubbers are oem white in very good condition, no discoloring/tackiness. 24k Polarized straightlink...
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    Sold Jawbone/Racing Jacket Lenses

    Jawbone/Racing Jacket Lenses Grey Polarized Very slight hairline marks. Doesn't affect vision wearing them. Price: $40 shipped Persimmon Racing Jacket Lens No scratches or anything Not used at all Price: $37 shipped
  7. tuzobiker

    My Racing Jacket collection from Mexico

    Hello OF guys! This is my first post with my Racing Jacket collection. I felt in love with this model when I saw Cedric Gracia riding his bike on RJ paired with clear lenses. Now, I am waiting for another piece. Saludos desde México!!! 🇲🇽 Sergio
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    Sold Jawbone/Racing Jacket Persimmon Lens

    Jawbone/Racing Jacket Persimmon lens. Unused. Very good condition. $30 shipped.
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    Buying Clear Frame Jawbone/Racing Jacket

    Looking for a clear frame Jawbone (I think it was part of the livestrong line), preferably for one that has not yellowed over time (they tend to do so after a while). Posted this in another forum, but I guess, it belongs here. Anyway, please PM me if you got one for sale.
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    Buying Clear Frame Jawbone/Racing Jacket

    Looking for a clear frame Jawbone (I think they were part of the livestrong line), preferably for one that has not yellowed over time (they tend to do so after a while).
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    For Sale Price Drop: 15 nose pieces for water jacket

    I have a bag with 15 nose pieces for water jacket. Usd $300 ($20 each) + Shipping (Aprox. $50 - $60) Selling all together because the shipping is expensive from my country.
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    Sold Racing jacket FMJ 5.56

    Here is for sale one racing jacket gen 2 FMJ 5.56/black iridium lens. Overall good, frame has some chips and wear. Lens has slight hairline scratches but doesn't affect vision. 145 USD SHIPPED
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    Deal Jawbone/ Racing jacket Jaw to trade

    Looking to trade my new Jaw (from Fathom Racing Jacket) to a Cardinal or Team Dark Green Jaws. Preferably to deal w/in Canada & US only to save on shipping fees.
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    Sold Racing Jackets - Matte Black w/ G30 Polar and BI

    I have a pair of Racing Jackets that I decided to part with... I'm not sure I want to get rid of them but I have only worn them probably two times ever. Otherwise, they sit in my case and look awesome... Frame: Matte Black Jaws: Polished Black Lenses: Black Iridium and G30 Iridium Polarized...
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    Sold Racing Jacket Jaws - Team Yellow

    Have a pair of Racing Jacket Jaws in team yellow for sale. Crisp and clean, no signs of wear. They were mostly decoration for my case... $35 or OBO... includes shipping in CONUS. Thanks!
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    Found Looking for Jawbone / Racing Jacket Team Dark Green Frame

    Looking for Jawbone / Racing Jacket Team Dark Green Frame. Preferred with matching Jaws. Doesn’t need to be w/ lens, socks or bolts. Thanks! Photo CTTO
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    Sold BNIB Racing Jacket

    Selling a BNIB Racing Jacket with Prizm Road lenses, box and soft vault Extra BI lenses not included $OLD shipped CONUS
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    Sold Racing Jacket BI Lenses

    New OEM Racing Jacket Black Iridium Ventilated lenses Never Mounted $old shipped CONUS
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    Sold +Red Iridium Polarized Racing Jacket Lenses

    Dudes, I have a pair of +Red Iridium Polarized Racing Jacket lenses for sale. I hate to get rid of these, they have great color to them, lots of red, purple, blue with yellow on the edges. I just don't use them. They are used but in great condition. There is small mark on the red lens, so...
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    Buying Double thread, please delete

    Double thread, please delete. My apolologies!
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    Found RJ/Jawbone/SpJ bolt cap, white

    got it. Please lock/delete
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    Sold Pink n' Purple Racing Jacket w/ +Red & P. Road

    Here's another custom creation of mine, they are certainly ready to make a loud statement haha. They're a number of colors here mixed between Magenta, Hot Pink, Royal Purple, Indigo & Sapphire, along with with some touches of white wear through or prior flaws that didn't allow the dye to adhere...
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    Sold Racing Jacket PRIZM Road Lenses

    Have a pair of brand new Racing Jacket PRIZM Road lenses.... Came with the glasses purchased brand new. I prefer to wear the Black Iridium lenses in my Racing Jackets. $40 shipped CONUS... They DO NOT come with the pictured microfiber bag. I will ship them secure in a foam lens pouch. Thanks!
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    Traded Split Jacket Brown-Blue Fade Raceworn

    Up for your consideration are two more custom creations by your truly, was inspired by the baby blue n' chocolate brown fade crowbar goggles 02-844. Become opposite twins with another forum member, or take em both for your own enjoyment. They are not exact opposites of one another but not too...
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    Sold Racing Jacket - Green over Green custom

    What began as a boring white racing jackets is now a slick dark green/evergreen fade, over a pale green to teal green fade... so yeah if greens are your thing, these have got a whole lot of that going on. Temples + Uppers - Prior to customization these were spotless white with no scratches or...
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    Sold Blue Green Racing Jacket - Seattle Seahawks

    Custom Navy Blue / Bright Green Racing Jacket Space is getting tight and something needs to go, so these jackets have been elected. Inadvertently come to realize these are very much in sync with the seattle seahawk team color . Regardless if your a fan of that team or completely out of the...
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    Sold Racing Jacket - Custom - VR28 Blue / Grey

    Racing Jacket in a custom blend of Orange, Purple, Maroon, Grey an a hint of Green. The frames are quite clean with no obvious blemish marks. Black Jaws are nearly spotless with no heavy signs of wear same goes for the black Bolts. Icons are relatively clean but the left one does have a small...
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    Sold Racing Jacket (Gen 1) Red Tiger W/Black / VR28

    Hello OFamily I put this jewel on sale Racing Jacket (Gen 1) Red Tiger W/Black / VR28 Lens, it is new with tag and without defects and complete with its box, bag and all the papers, very difficult to get this days and more in this condition SKU: 03-170 Condution: BNIB Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10...
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    Sold Racing Jacket (Gen 1) FMJ 5.56 W/Black / Black Iridium

    Hello OF for sale othe old school frame, Racing Jacket (Gen 1) FMJ 5.56 W/Black with Black Iridium lenses, with defects in the paint and some mark on the lenses but in very good general condition, came complete with box papers and bag. SKU: 03-269 Frame 8/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9,9/10 Price...
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    For Sale Racing jacket

    Racing jacket-NIB Matte Black- Prizm Road/Black Iridium Includes- case, original microfiber, extra nose pieces, extra icons and box. Asking $115 plus shipping