1. S

    Not sure if these count as customs, or Foakley..

    So I recently ordered a pair of original Flaks trying to remake an old pair of USF Bulls(my old school) custom Flaks, the place I bought them went out of business and since the originals were discontinued forever ago.. ugh. Anyway, this pair I just got has no SKU on the left arm, and using...
  2. D

    Real or fake Oakley Chainlink?

    I want to buy a pair of Oakley's off Craigslist. However, Im very aware of all the fakes out there. I wanted to run these buy people more knowledgeable than me about sunglasses. Here are the pictures he provided.
  3. The_Darkone

    Fake or Real Dog/Bottle Opener Tags???

    Has anyone run across fake Dog Tags(the larger Disruptive by Design ones) or the 2014/2015 Bottle Openers? The reason I am asking is because I have several Bottle Opener Tags that I got from Oakley directly via purchases during the promotional period. All of these have a large rope chain that...
  4. B

    Real or Fake Scalpels

    These are listed on EBay. Contacted the seller the see if there were any numbers on the left arm. He said no numbers. What do we think? If real does anyone think they are tungsten or bronze lenses? Here's the link Oakley Scalpel Men's Sunglasses Brown Sugar Frame Bronze Polarized Lens |...
  5. S

    First Generation Frogskins - Japan Missing?

    I am new to the forum and getting back into the Frogskin game; thanks in advance for your help, this is a great forum! My Frogskins have metal hinges, Oakley printed on the outside arm, frogskins(tm) on the inside of the arm. I do not see Japan written on them. Is this normal? I also have...