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    Looking for Crowbar Goggles with Gold Outriggers

    This is my first post. I’ve spent months searching for Oakley Crowbars with gold outriggers. eBay, Poshmark, Market Place, Mercari, NewSchoolers, Evo..etc. No luck. If anyone here has them or has connections/friends that may have them, please let me know. I will pay extra to get my hands on...
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    I’ve lost my right temple (leg) for the OO 9009, oakley FLAK 2.0 XL XLJ (Rootbeer)

    I’ve lost my right temple (leg) for the OO 9009, oakley FLAK 2.0 XL XLJ (Rootbeer) and was wondering where I could get another one? I’ve tried the store service no luck, I’ve tried the oakleys store no luck, I’ve tried eBay no luck. Would really appreciate the help
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    Sold Rootbeer Splice / Gold Iridium

    What's out there for trade on this mint unworn example I'm a fan models with following lenses; Emerald, Blue Irid, VR28 BI, VR28 BIP, VR28 P, Shallow Blue, OO RIP, G30 P, Amber Blk Ird, Prizm Violet, Prizm Jade, Prizm Tungsten.. Models I'm after: xm xx beater frame (could add a Juliet) NSJ II...
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    For Sale Ichiro Emerald Tshox + Rootbeer Kit

    Got few spare Emerald rubbers for sale in new condition and 1 Rootbeer kit Rootbeer kit with Earsocks, Tshox, and nosebombs of your choice $45 Emerald Tshox 25 / Large nosebombs (4 pieces) $20 Rootbeer Tshox 25 / Large nosebombs (4 pieces) $20 Shipping CONUS Included
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    Buying Oakley Pit Boss 2 Lenses + Nose Pads

    Looking for a pair of lenses for Rootbeer Pit Boss 2. They can be OEM or custom cut. Preferably the tungsten polarized lenses if possible but open to other options. Also in need of some new nose pads. Thank you!
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    Sold Ichiro Emerald and Rootbeer kits

    Back in Stock as of 07-01-2020 I have these 4 Rubber Sets for sale OEM Brand new 2 earsocks + TShox 15 + Small Bombs or 2 earsocks + TShox 15 + Small Bombs 2 x Emerald SOLD 2 x Rootbeer SOLD Shipping CONUS Included
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    Sold New Rootbeer Rubber Kit

    Hi Guys I'm Selling a Rootbeer Rubber Set OEM Brand new! Still have white powder on them TShox 15 and Large Nose bombs included but I can swap for 25 and Small Bombs if you want $OLD Shipped CONUS
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    Buying Anyone selling Romeo 2 Rootbeer Rubber Set Authentic?

    Hi there guys any one here selling a Romeo 2 Rootbeer Rubber Set Authentic? if so, contact me, thanks.
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    Sold Splice Platinum - Rootbeer / Gold Iridium $90

    Hello OF for sale splice Rootbeer with gold Iridium lenses, in used condition, lenses have scratchers for my still good for wear no affect the vision, the frame still good but have sign of wear see the pics, the earshocks is bad need clear and star to broken. SKU: 03-722 Lenses 8/10 Frame...
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    Sold Pitboss 2 Polished Black, Polished Rootbeer (New)

    Pitboss 2 Polished Black, Polished Rootbeer Both are with boxes and papers. Totally new without use, Frames are in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. The lenses have not been worn, but have small scratches. 9.5 / 10 Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me...
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    Sold Moving sale #2

    Pricing include shipping within the US. 1. watch soft vault in new condition $25 SOLD!!!! 2. Root beer x metal rubber kit $30 SOLD!!!!!!! 3. X metal juliet, in used condition, nose bridge is semi tight, LG rubbers, lenses are unknown but look pretty clean. $220 SOLD!!!!! 4. X metal (refinished)...
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    Sold Ichiro Emerald Rubbers

    Got few spare rubbers for sale in new condition Emerald Ichiro Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4 pieces) $OLD Tshox 25 w/ large nosebombs (4 pieces) $OLD Blue Ichiro small nosebombs (2 pieces) $15 SOLD Mix of 2 large nosebombs (Blue+Emerald) SOLD Rootbeer Tshox 15 w/ small nosebombs (4...
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    Sold /Trade - Juliet Rootbeer Rubbers

    Previously installed Rootbeer T-15 don't have any obvious wear I can see. Both rubber sets are BNIB. Will exchange for XX rubbers, or offer it all for XX lens set XX Linegear Rubber set; White, Brown, Purple XX OEM Rubber set; T-25 preferred XX Lens oem, CC, Linegear; Good wearable condition...
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    Deal $375 ~ X-Squared X-Metal / Prizm Black Polar

    X-Squared in XM finish in near spotless condition, the underside of the frame has some very faint marks which are highlighted in imgur album. They're are Factory tight with all original rubbers, tried on twice but otherwise unworn and only used for display. Comes with only a microbag, as there's...
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    Sold Pitboss1 Rootbeer

    Pitboss 1 Frame with small scratches (see photos) 2 pairs of lenses, one pair in excellent condition. Framework in condition 9.0 / 10 Lenses with some deep scratches 9.5/10 Price $ 420 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal
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    Sold Elite Pitboss 1 mate rootbeer w/ bronze frame w/ tungsten iridium polarized “COMPLETE”

    Hello Of for sale this awesome elite Pitboss 1 matte rootbeer w/ bronze frame with tungsten iridium lenses, I bought them in the forum from a respectable member about a year ago for 650 allin in Bnib condition, I have used them very little and with a lot of love and care, the right lens has two...
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    For Sale R1 Romeo Ti 24k Polarized & OEM Gold Iridium

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY Romeo Frame: Titanium Lens: 24k Polarized & OEM Gold Iridium Rubbers: OEM Rootbeer. 4 gaskets are Linegear Japan black. SKU: 04-101 Serial: 056609 Rating: 9/10 Price: $old Comes...
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    For Sale 90's Gen 2 Frogskins Rootbeer/Bronze, Crystal Black/+Red, Violet Iridium Spares

    $ØŁD ~ Frogskins Rootbeer w/ Bronze Mirror Hinges have no signs of cracks Face plate has 2 stress area but only visible when held up to direct light. Lenses have light superficial hairline marks - Not visible while worn. Overall very clean shape and ready to be worn as-is 9/10 Condition...
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    Sold PB1 Rootbeer (complete)

    Framework in good condition 9.5 / 10 Lenses with some deep scratches 6/10 Price $ 530 Free shipping to the USA pay by Paypal
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    Sold Emerald + Rootbeer rubber Kits $45 Each

    2 Kits for sale in new condition / Unworn Juliet Emerald and Rootbeer rubber Kits 6 Pieces each kit 2 Tshox "25" 2 Nosebombs "Large" 2 Earsocks (Made in USA and CE) Rootbeer $OLD Emerald Ichiro $OLD G&S Shipped CONUS
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    Traded BNIB Juliet Sock Kit 06-490

    BNIB Juliet Barrel Rubbers, trying to Trade for LG Rubber Kit, Violet or Blue. Or can sell em if someone is interested ?
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    Sold Half jacket XLJ rootbeer w/ gold Iridium

    Hello Olovers ;) for sale a half jacket xlj in rootbeer frame with gold Iridium lenses, I wear it little time, sill in very good condition, came with bag only. Condition: used SKU: 03-651 Frame 9/10 Lenses 9/10 Rubbers 9/10 Price 100 #SOLD allin, Paypal g&s ( PayPal fees&shipping...
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    For Sale Flak Jacket XLJ Rootbeer

    Rootbeer Flak Jacket XLJ 24-901 8/10 condition - arms still have a bit of snappiness in the hinge, some fading to the center icon, some scuffs around. Fresh Rootbeer ear-sock kit + nose bombs w/ spares. Aftermarket Polarized Ruby Iridium lenses, there's a blemish to the outside right of R lens...
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    Sold Half Jacket 2.0

    Polished Black in 7/10 condition. Fresh new rootbeer ear sock kit w/ nose bombs + spares. Polarized Tungsten Iridium lenses are unused, but have these very light horizontal line-like imperfections to the lens - I've tried to capture them but they aren't easily seen, Image with the arms crossed...
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    Sold SPF Rootbeer / Platinum Splice

    Rootbeer/Platinum Splice with Gold Iridium lens Lightly used with way more than plenty of life in them. Frame 8/10, has a tiny scratch on the top of right orbital and a tiny chip near the hinge (see pics). Rubber 7/10, a bit sticky and a small split on left earstem from previous owner. Lenses...
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    For Sale A Few Frogs: Rootbeer & Crystal Blue

    Will be adding additional 4-Legged Teal and Acid Rain pairs in the coming days. Offers on the pair together are welcome. $old - Rootbeer 24-303 w/ Polarized Fire - Frames show some light wear primarily on the arm area from folded friction w/ polarized fire lens hairline like scuffs to the...
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    Sold BNOB Fate Rootbeer w/ Gold Iridium

    Hello OF good day, for sale BNOB Fate in Rootbeer with gold Iridium lenses, is new with out defect, came with bag, no box. SKU: 03-751 Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10 Price $90 #SOLD allin, shipping with tracking number and total insurance included. Thanks for all.
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    Sold Romeo 2 rubber bundle

    OEM Rootbeer set includes the following: 3 sets of ear socks 3 sets of nose pieces 1 set of size 15 Shox $100
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    Sold Splice platinum - rootbeer w/ gold Iridium

    Hello Obro’s For dale other one splice in Rootbeer with gold Iridium combo, on like new condition, lenses don’t have scrachers, came with bag only. SKU: 03-722 Frame 9,8/10 Lenses 9,8/10 Rubbers 9,8/10 Price $180 $SOLD allin obo in PayPal g&s shipping with tracking and total...
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    Sold Brown tortoise unknown W/bronze polarized lenses.

    Mint lenses, frame is easy 9/10 rubbers 8.5/10. Need nothin but anew owner. Thanks for checking. Price 90$ including world wide shipping.w/microfiber.